Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some risen, some fell

Today is the day.PMR result day. Well, it isn't exactly Judgement Day or anything big like that but us lil 15-year olds haven't actually experienced anything truly significant so a mere government exam result day just drove us all mad. I told myself I would stay up to do folios again(failed attempt)= =and ended up waking up to open lights and a clock showing 5a.m. So, closed the lights and slept till 7 =D.

Reached school at 8 something, went to the lodge to reclaim my bottle, which was left there for a week= =.Then, tried to break into the lodge, that proved unsuccessful.Went back to Rc Room and listened to them chat while I tried to do my Pelakon folio(Dang, I only managed to finish one folio this whole holiday).

Ah..a lil past ten, went over to canteen to where the guides are,some of them. Finally saw lyn again after so long =D. Helped cut stuff= = Mr Lean then told us to go into the hall! o.0But that was crap, we still had to wait. Me and Shan En were so nervous, we kept clutching each others hands and maybe I was more nervous cuz she kept telling me to calm down= =.

Soon teachers came. Even more nervous. Boys got their results first. Then when the line was getting shorter we moved up. Congratulated some of them on the way. =D Then found out Wai Leem and Hong Jian got 7As! Struck out by chinese! When it was Hong Ken's turn, OMG! dumbfounded! Teoh Hong Ken got 7As! THE Teoh Hong Ken got 7As,struck out by chinese too!! Oh man, was I nervous now. After HK was June Weng, and he got...8As! Congrats,JW, your hard work paid off. SO then it was my turn =S, tension building up. After flipping through the papers, Pn Phang exclaimed..I got full As...I seriously let out a sigh of relief then. See, "prodigies" get worried too or I just make myself tense because through years of experience, I learnt that if I seem confident about something, it always crashes down in my face so just worry about everything now.= =

Photos:(hehe, I brought camera to school)

Plants outside the lodge(that place has a SERIOUS mosquito infestation)

People coming into the hall

The Boys

And the girls

Haha..hm..a lil word of congratz to fellow straight A scorers.And to those who didn''t, to hell with government exams, scanned by computers and marked by people who probably got sick of it by the tenth paper, bah`~= =.

Oh, I found out Pn Chee reads my blog =D.

Hi Pn Chee!

Though I'm still pretty down, I thought 3A1 would sail smoothly throught PMR, conquering it effortlessly but we didn't. Many fell to Chinese, I blame WNF.which is so unfair. Why can't you just set an equal standard, be it high or low. Wouldn't things be more fun that way and more meaningful maybe?
Well, Hong Ken doesnt seem upset nor are the others, so hope you guys just move on and get geared up for next year ;).

P.S About almost of all of from CHS at my tuition got straight As=S. Teacher's gonna have a party on Sat.

P.P.S We're on the newspaper! China Press 中国报!

P.P.P.S Be Happy!

Sorry Pei, I couldn't resist too. You're already on national newspaper anyway. What more MY blog?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

oh yea...due to me moving to a place without line yet, I'll be unavailable on WL Messenger for..quite some time..so you know where to find me la.

Season's Greetings

I seem to be almost half an hour late...Ah well...

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No more..

Soon, I won't get to look out at night and see the empty street, gaze at the shadows formed by street lights playing on the roads,hear the sounds of car horns in the night. I won't see the lights from the windows of my neighbours, hear the shouts and screams, the cheers. I won't be able to step out of the house at night and see cats resting on the front lawn, shying away as I draw near. I won't get to steal scraps out of the kitchen to feed the cats, like that one special time. Me and my bros won't be able to cycle around the garden, bringing grass and dirt into the front porch, nor will we get out shuttlecocks stuck on the roof again. My bro will never get to perform his balancing stunts on the stairs. I can't walk out at night and hear the insects chirping, the cats meowing and causing ruckus. I won't be able to sit in front of the computer alone till wee hours in the morning, hearing things go bump in the night =S. Can't sneak out of our rooms to play PS till 3 am.I won't be able to show my friends around and plain fool around with them.

No more.

I won't be able to these things anymore.At least..not here!

Sighs...moving...= =

Monday, December 22, 2008

Phase 2 ..done?

Well, pekhemah's done...

So it's the folio now ><

I left my bottle in school T-T.

About 2 weeks left ..Sighs

I dun wanna move into a house without line =0=

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tagged by Vi-Vian

1) Do you think you're hot?
HAHAHAHA....No la duh...Not hot, not cool, just plain confused =S

2) Upload your favourite picture of you!


3) Why do you like that picture?

Erm..because you can't see the retarded look I had on my face then lol And I'm saving the fish of E.R.R by pointing out the obvious= =btw, recognise the scarf I'm wearing around my neck?

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?

Hmm..I think the time my aunt made me call for delivery..

5) The last song you listen to?
虽然我愿意-伍家辉 ...Surprised? I listen to chinese songs too, ya know.

6) What are you doing right now beside this?

Chatting, was doing folio but abandoned it. =D

7) What name would you prefer besides yours?
Ehh...my present name is just fine, just that there are too many ways to mispronouce it and it really agitates me sometimes if it's way off.

People to tag choose(since I don't wanna tag anyone):
1)Wai Leem
2)Hui Wen
3)Jo Fan

Who is number one?
A great guy! =D A Prefect and hopefully the to-be KP that brings change.

Number three is having a relationship with?
God;) Like total devotion. Respect,man.

Say something about number five.
Primary classmate for like 4 years? Currently living and studying in Canada.

How about number four?
Form 2/3 classmate. Prefect. Great writer =) and from what I see, avid game player.

Who is number 2?
A close friend=). And well, dunno what to say to describe you la. I'll find your blog someday!><

Haha, that was real swt= =

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Got yourself prioritise la

Stuff to get done by this holiday (about 12 days left= =)and onwards

1)Guide Folios =S
-Personal Log
-Pekhemah(test not done yet)
-Penjaga(didn't even have test yet)= =

2) Two essays to be thought of,written , proof read and submitted
-MPH-Alliance Bank Short Story Contest
-Commonweath Essay Contest

3) Think of product, company name and logo

4)Manufacture product maybe?

5)Think of guide lodge mural design= =, draw and colour

6) Plan for next year?

7)House moving stuff

8)Revise Form 4 stuff thought in tuition= =

Argh! I still procrastinate, it's like part of my being to procrastinate T-T. Dang.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Oh! Visited my new house today, curtains are up and most of the bedroom furniture, not mine though= =. More books were added to my shelves! Books, not manga!


The shelves outside my room, ful of magazines

Friday, December 12, 2008

I pulled through!

Yes! I passed Pekhemah! Well, one part of it= =...So relieved..I remember my whole cooking process was throw stuff into pot, throw into wok, stir stir,fry fry, and estimate the time it takes to cook.= = To think I only practiced one dish. All my friends' prayers and blessings must have been answered..or I really have cooking talent lol.

Anyway, gonna update on what happened these two days_yesterday and Wednesday.

Sighs..I had to go to school again..and I thought I could have a day to rest and practice on my pekhemah. Well, all the pekhemah candidates came actually,except Sonia and Jing Wen. Ans at least, got to see some friends in person after so long.First, we carried all the stuff form the guide room down to the lodge. Then there was this lil entering ceremony where we open the lodge for the first time. It's a reenactment of Sangam's ceremony, where a coconut and a ..uh...comb? lol of bananas were involved.Then, back to work. Sunflower and Orchid cleaned the windows. Then dunno why, we got jumbled up and half of them went to cook and the other half(my half) cleaned the floor. So, I got teamed up with Lyn and Jia =D And, it was quite ..fun? albeit tiring. Lol, we didn't have to go to the beach. Having soup water flow through your legs is the same as feeling seawater on the beach. There was even sand in there lol. Lyn said next time. when our new juniors arrive, we can tell them it was us that time who had to get on all floors to clean the lodge.Erm..then ..we..ah..carried stuff inside. After that we ate. T.T My bros go to Pavillion, I go to school. They eat at Li Jin Restaurant. I eat Maggi mee and drink syrup.Then, more tidying up and balik. = =

Hong Jin and Jia Xin opening the lodge.

It's open! =D


Us cleaning

Pui San blurred...

Cleaning the..guide room

The Guide Lodge cleaning crew
Miss Mag giving a talk before we go back

Pekhemah day! I arrived late summore..when I arrived, everyone over there... patching screen holes? So, got to work on setting up our "kitchens". The ZM HL team worked pretty efficiently, if I do say so myself. =S So after, setting up, setting up the sacks, zinc and bricks, we can start cooking. The whole cooking process was real..well, chaotic. I just dumped stuff into the wok and at first, my fire couldn't get big ><. Ash and smoke was everywhere. I wonder if I should have lent my fan to Jing Wen= =. I had 2 and dunno why gave her the bigger one..while the smaller one was later deemed useless by Hooi Yin. I learnt that, even if it looks like your fire is out, with a fan it will be rievived. lol Thanks vian and yin for helping me jaga api. =D I remember, when I was cooking the last dish(my kuey tow), the fire went out halfway and I just kept on frying..since hot enough already and I'm done anyway..Dont care liao. Oh..Thanks Han Lin for cooking water for me too. Btw, were we one of the fastest who finished= =?

Then, placed the dishes on to plates and carried it to the lodge. There's a table outside so after placing tableclothes, the food went on. Back to cooking site to clean up. Later, Miss Mag arrived and gave comments on our gadgets. Our tabletop actually sunk already due to the weight o.0 And..all of us didnt put a cover for the larders= =. Hmm..what else, our gadgets were pretty impractical. Lol.

Hm..more cleaning up. Then it rained! No need for A-tent and screen building liao. Our food was tested while we worked. Then we got called over too. First was Han Lin, can see that she put a lot of effort in it, food was good and there were deco too. Passed =D. Then, everyone seemed to get shot afterwards, so except Han Lin, all the form 2s had to redo. When it was my turn. Cynthia(btw, she;s our tester) like straight away said I passed everything..Phew. comments: Kuey tow a bit oily, fish a bit dry and the accompanying veggies were in too big slices, soup was good =D, green tes too bitter= =and no taste, Oh..mug not suitable. But I still passed! relieved..
Sonia had to redo her fried rice because it was too hard. Jing Wen passed everything too I think.

So we snacked then but had to move inside cause there was thunder/lightning. Through eating, mum came and had to hurriedly eat, pack everything and go rush to tuition! Yes..TUITION!!! ><

Photos will be up in my space.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Always the Underdog

Sighs~ I went to school again for pekhemah practice. Hmm..I reached school by 8, stayed until 5 in the afternoon, was in the house for less than an hour and then had to rush to tuition that starts at 8. Well, this it probably how my life will be like from now on, now that I've decided.

I'm starting to enjoy rising tents and screens, if only the weather wasn't so hot. We had to stand under the scorching heat almost the whole day( it rained in the end).And I think I almost blacked out near the end, they were all talking and I felt a bit nauseous and dizzy..=/

Eeek! I messed up again. I keep hitting Han Lin with poles for some reason. Sorry Han Lin!! Don't curse me or something for having the displeasure of being my partner. And I just rushed the last practice through, well not exactly..I was just doing things my way and dunno what la.

My existence is plainly to let people push me around.

This post is turning emo, actually it's not, I'm just tired.= = And people will get mad with me for thinking negatively/being unconfident blabla..

Great, I have to go to school again 2moro= =

Monday, December 8, 2008

E.R.R Trip

Oh yeah~Back from Eagle Ranch and well, the trip was cool but it rained a lot= =. In truth, Eagle Ranch wasn't as splendid as I imagined it to be but that doesn't really matter. We had fun and we went high. Good job, Pei & Jo Fan! =D

Ok, now a little recap of what happened:

Day 1
Reached at 8!!! Normal trip-goers were supposed to reach by 12 but I had my campers test practice so yeah...Mom brought luggage to school at 12, along with the eggs= =(to be used for the game)Left school at 1. Got bored in the bus for about 2 hours. Lol, I remember upon reaching, someone exclaimed"Wah, so ulu de ah"= = But, yes,E.R.R didn't seem as great as the photo, lol, the roads aren't paved but it was sure a nice place to cycle, on most of the roads, you could just hold the handle bars, and without pedalling, the bike will move anyway. Though, it is very hard to go UP the slopes. > Ya Jing and Le yi. Ley Kuan was at first but she moved in with Yi Leng, Shi Yi and Fiona in TeePee 10, which is next door.

Hm..after getting settled down, doing a bit of exploring, changing clothes, it was time for the first game. Water balloons! Guys versus Girls! Then everyone got really excited feeling balloons in their rooms, at that sink place outside. On us girls side it was like." hey the guys are still behind us, only filled up a few balloons only." Then, " OMG! They suddenly took out one big pail from a room!!"LOL.Girls on one side, guys on the other. All set with balloons in their hands and then...it was war. Balloons flying everywhere...Ley Kuan sprained her foot though she kena-ed a balloon also= =. And then, I stupidly let myself get splashed. i was just standing there, balloons all ran out and Seng Yew came with a balloon, said "Zhi Min" and burst it on my shoulder!!Soon, balloons ran out and it was time to bring out the heavy artillery. We filled up buckets and those scoop things and splashed each other. It was so chaotic, people snatching buckets here and there. Damn fun la. And damn wet too. I slip and grazed my knee as well T-T.

After dinner, it was the nightwalk,meaning a walk in the forest= =. And I'm the first one o.0 which is pretty good since I 'm right behind the guide. Lol. And I thought I would be last. It's so dark that when you go to the same place yesterday you wouldn't know you walk there before. = =Like, wa actually passed by the Obs Course that night but we couldn't see all those obstacles.

Hmm..after that it's free time. Stayed in our room. Jes Cee, Pei She, Rachel, Melody, Jo Fan and Andrew went around "carolling" which is knocking on people's doors and wishing them Merry Christmas when they answer. Crapped till late at night with Le Yi.

Pn Chee on the bus LOL

The TeePees

Our bed

Our TeePee-TeePee 9

Eagle Statue

Me pointing at a "No Fishing" sign at the canoeing area

A wagon at the front gate

The Main Entrance

Our room's lamp= =

Twilight fans, can you see whose name it is?(Carlisle) LOL, this is on a juice dispenser

We saw a monkey while exploring

Day 2
Someone sabotaged us!!! Like 7a.m? Someone banged on our door and when we opened it. There was this:

And not just us, all rooms(even the teacher's) had shaving cream messages on their door steps.

After breakfast, which is a buffet at the Watering Hole(the eatery), it's game time again.

We all were randomly put into groups by seeing which number with got. I got 2. Group members: Me, Wan Jin, Joe Yin, Chong Seng, Ge Hoa and Choon Yit.

Won't go into details bout the game cause I may use them next time. Wakaka..And I don't have photos..Gonna grab from Seng Yew when he's on. But the games were fun and wet and DIRTY!!
So we had a bath after gaming. OH YEAH! My team won! Hahahhaa..And we were pretty infront too..Andrew was the last stop..and so we had to do every other station before going to him. And we were quite early that it was like ' Aiya..Slowly la..we win already de la". And we did. Our prize was a bag of chips each =D.

Then lunch. After lunch, we were free till 4.30pm which is the treasure hunt. So I rented a bike for an hour. Rm 5 for a bike. And rode around the place. Ah..cycling is so nice and the whether was pretty windy too. Le Yi doesn't know how to cycle and attempting to teach her was no use too. So I rode by myself and she stayed in the Teepee. While riding, I decided to capture the sights.

The Swimming Pool

The Field

Seminar Hall

Paintball Counter

Paintball Field

I also cycled down to the Obs course and then walked down to the beach, or close to it.

LOL..Ley Kuan and Chang Yi were there too.

The bike I rented

The beach

The beach again

At the reception

Christmas Tree

Chritsmas Tree Take 2

After the ride, I went back to the teepee.Soon, it rained. Seng Yew came over. Soon, Ley Kuan and Chang Yi came over as well. We had this sort of karaoke session where we sang songs played by the handphones. LOL..when singing" Because of You", we only knew the chorus.So only that part was extra loud. After that, they all had a nap.

Ley Kuan

Ya Jing, Chang Yi and Ley Kuan

Ya Jing sms-ing with a plastic bag over her head

Seng Yew sleeping

Everyone's napping now

Ok, the treasure hunt was still on eventhough the rain was still there. So we had to walk in the rain.This is like a picture hunt, so we have to find the answers according to the picture. But, listening to Seng Yew's advice, we just went and asked people for the answers= =. Our group finished the earliest but we weren't the ones with the highest marks.

After dinner, most of u stayed behind to chat. Then we went into Wan Jin's teepee, cause Pn Chee went just like" let's go invade a teepee so we did. Some played erm..mahjung, some played cards, we watched movies on the laptop. Some were even showing us magic card tricks. Then, they said to gather at the pool instead.

I didn't really play there..cause maybe it was too pressuring already..But talking to Jo Fan,Ley Kuan and Andrew about the "point" at the bar was fun too. They were all seated around the jacuzzi , playing this tempo game and mafia. "给我tempo,ready go.请你和我这样做"

In Wan Jin's room

In the middle of mafia

Andrew's cap LOL

Mafia too

Day 3
Woke up late. Had breakfast late and didn't get to see the sunset. It was still raining so after breakfast we just stayed in our rooms and packed and waited till 12 to check out and leave. We then headed to Sri Kembangan for lunch. In the bus, they played the tempo game and mafia for a while.

Our room before leaving

From left: Ge Hoa and Jia Jie sleeping

From left: Jo Fan, Ley Kuan and Andrew

ZhiYeong sleeping

All gathered at the back

For lunch, we stopped at this cafe called" Pitstop cafe" and had chicken chop. They gave us board games to play too and we got crazy over this ugly monster game, where you pile the cards face down and take turns to turn over the cards, once three identical cards show, we must try to snatch as many of the 3 as we can. So , a lot of table banging could be heard and it's seem that girls are more better(and aggressive) than the boys at this game. LOL

After that, it's a group photo and back on the bus to school.

With that,3A2'08 class trip ends. Promising for more to come in the near future.

-Zhi Min-