Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stone in front of the com

First, I would like to say,


Haha, only when it nears Sports Day do we ever get this hyped up over our sports houses ^^.

Marching was pretty fun today, played with the formation.

Before that, Pn Kok retired today =(.

Though ahem, I got screwed 2 times by her because of some permission slips, it was still a pretty sad sight to see her off =(. And then, her successor.............~

Haha, actually everyone very hyped up, especially the uniform body performers, jogging behind the sports car==.

And when inside during performances, the 4 of us were together again 4 once^^". Haha, at first worm and lyn by the side of the hall. Then, wen came after presenting the gift. And I went over from my seat, which was actually pretty near. =D Yay! Crap!

Haha, on a side note, I was in normal school u, wen in BSMM U, Lyn in Guide U and worm in ed board tee. All different leh==. ok lame.

Wen, no one will remember you after a day la. It's not like you were the only one in it. == I think only we who know you will still remember lo.

Now the sad thing is, there's camp tomorrow. No, that isn't the sad part though I am dreading it for some reason.

Lyn can't go.because of that stupid swine flu. ><
Le Yi might not go too because she's sick.
And now, worm as well because of the same reason as Lyn's one.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Counting the minutes till midnight

Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!

Seng Yew and Wen came over again. For TUITION==

But the cool thing is, they stayed after because their parents won't come that fast.


And they wrote on the whiteboard and drank my milk==.

Lol, last week, while up in my room, Seng Yew helped to arrange my stuff=="".

-About Yesterday-

Went to the National Musuem in the morning about 11. Hui Li, Yu Li, Ye Shan, Zhong Wei and me, which is half the number of our group. Jing Wen and Jia Ying pulled out at the last minute.
Camwhored alot, though I didn't =X.

Then went to MV for lunch. Stupid me didn't stock up my cash, sooo, I only had 6 bucks with me==, which wasn't even enough for an iced lemon tea( Hui Li paid for me! Thanks Hui Li !! I'll pay back tomorrow=D) Oh, I didn't order anything else except iced lemon tea...

Back at school, walked around, saw LKT people. Yeah, I knew there was a telematch. Headed over to the back gate slope where Lyn and Worm were, with Water Balloons! and 2 WATER GUNS!.

Witnessed the first round of their station game. It was not as high as I expected. Sorry to say. Then worm left to another station(leaving her phone behind==). Oh yeah, the water balloons and water guns were for the 2 of them. To attack people with. =D

Since there was only lyn, I got to play with the other water gun! Helped her attack people at the 2nd round. Haha, I attacked her and worm too! Lyn very willingly let me do so, even asking me to squirt her head==. 靖told me to not waste water pula==. Like she didn't. Pfft.

Just as the 2nd round ended, my mum came! So chiaoz. Bid goodbye to Seng Yew as his group approached the station.

After tuition, went to school for Wushu Night! It was pretty awesome, especially the Shaolin Monks! Monkey Fist and Snake Fist!

(Someone just asked me to print something T_T)

Anyway, I spotted worm on the screen==. I didn't know she was going also, though I had my suspicions.

Kudos Ding Wei and Xue Ying! Hardwork paid off!

Ah..back home~Went online, Marissa read my space post and it got her depressed.== And so now there's a carbon copy in her blog too XD. Ok, should the atmosphere be happy or sad actually? Ah wth.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everything Sold! ....Thank you!

o.0 Seeing my "go green" title reminded me I never blogged about Appleciation day.== was fun! =D

Everything got sold out in an hour ^^ Especially the cupcakes, all sold in a flash. Apples and plants took more time.

But this is just within citibank, we have yet to face the public =S.

And...last year's batch did better than us in the matter of profit gained.

Another thing...the permission slip said it would be until 5, meaning probably reach school by 6.

Instead, the bus arrived at CHS at about 3.30pm.

They were practicing marching.At the tapak.

So, ok, play the avoiding game. Argh.

Stupid uneasy feeling every time I have to pass by them. ==

PS. The week's almost up........

Go Green!

We lost the newspaper raid recycling contest!!

Yesterday we did plan on going out to collect transport.

And then, 3B5,4s6 and 4S10 all had a last minute ditch effort to collect after school on the last day.

In the end, B5 still leads with 2500+ kg, 4s6 2nd with 2300+kg and S10 3rd with 2100+kg. Or so I've heard.

Erm..does that mean we're 4th?

If so, we're like 1000 kg away from the 3rd==.

Anyway, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.

So people, still got next year!!

Learn from this defeat and strategize earlier!!

Though we were probably the 1st among Form 4 classes to think of going door-to-door..Ah well.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Utter Eccentricity

Oh! I realised I never blogged about the carnival. was a mixture of boredom, loneliness, emoness, high-ness and craziness. ^^"

Sighs..the end became emo...=(

And now a lot of screwed up stuff happened.

Why does it have to be like this?

And I think it's my fault. Ok, it IS my fault.

On a happier note, I will upload photos later.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yin and Yang

OK la, there were many happy moments in camp too ^^

- the first day when we were all still high and happy and camp mood was 0%

- hiking

- me being the model for the ceramah ==

- running around bare-footed while preparing for the wide game

- running around bare-footed since it rained till having to cook for Pn Lucy(same time as above)

- our wide game..HEHEHE =D

- cooking in the rain?

-our group's malam act ^^

- just the whole malam la

- singing while doing work (did we do that ah?)

-telling Jing Wen and Shu Ling the pink ping pong ball joke XD

-the interval before ranger perlantikan

-painting our banner( I know this was before camp but it counts!)

-crapping about crap

-raising the Junior Camp gateway again that night

- receiving balloons from the 2nd/1st floor

-preparing for the opening ceremony

-crapping at the tapak

-helping out at the game station

-trying to get the board out from the class==


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I failed after all...

I'm sorry I was such a lousy leader.

I'm sorry I let you all down.

I'm sorry that I couldn't keep that smile.

I'm sorry I acted so complacently.

I'm sorry I screwed.

I'm sorry I couldn't guide you all.

I'm sorry I made your "camp mood" go up.

I'm sorry I did not try to decrease the camp mood.

I'm sorry for not doing anything when you all whined and groaned.

I'm sorry for not maintaining the mood we had on Thursday afternoon.

I'm not sorry for breaking rules.

I'm sorry for being all depressed and quiet throughout camp.

I'm sorry I made you all depressed.

I'm sorry for being so stressed.

I'm sorry for acting like I don't care.

I'm sorry that I'm sorry.


Nydeaa, stay strong. You will brave the storm. <3 =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I will turn the air con temperature on so low I won't be able to sleep!!

Wonderful news just keeps pouring in!

Su-Wern can't attend camp so I'm one member short. (It's ok, you're sick so go rest =) )

I HAVE to contact MBPJ and get them to fog the lodge by camp.

I HAVE to find a camping bed. Well, I have to go borrow it from Pn Wong to be precise. =S

I HAVE to let teacher check my gadget drafts and the song book tomorrow.

I HAVE to get the programme books printed ASAP!.

I HAVE to get my gadgets done.

I HAVE to design the flag.

I HAVE to make sure my comrades don' t get ill!

I HAVE to make sure they have fun!

I HAVE to make sure I don't get ill!

I HAVE to cooperate with my partner. Or I will fail

I HAVE to keep smiling =). And I am.

I HAVE to do dunno what else. etc etc etc

And honestly, I don't mind. =X THAT much


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bear Hugs

My cloud got punctured.

J Y scored 96 for English. And HJ tied with me. ><

=(...Well, I did expect my previous post would have stated.

It's not just one mark la! It's one very important one mark =(. If only I got a perfect score for objective ..Or or..if I wrote the beloved beauty's can't be taken by death...(what's the difference between the beloved's beauty is immortal? Pfft)

Wednesday-While in Pn Yap's car coming home from Chinese tuition , me and Shu Fen answer Seng Yew's personality test. And then, Pn Yap and Rou Xin joined in. =D Hahaha..Pn Yap's answer to the first question got us all at the back laughing ;).

Then, we played summore at Chem tuition during the night.

Worm did the test before already== so did Lyn who only remembered after the 3rd question.

Conclusion: Wen's a bear, me a deer and lyn and worm are monkeys^^

And ironically, wen kept hugging people yesterday== which brings thought to the term " bear hug' Haha.

Oh God! Camp is in less than a week!

Quoting myself: "Everyone's concerned about me, except myself."

Ain't that right, lyn?