Saturday, February 19, 2011

Card Error

Thanks to CALebration, I think I have an idea of what clubbing is like haha xD.

OK, I have to wait for my photos to load first. Than I can continue this.


Alright, scrap this.

My photos are gone. >< Stupid technology. And there was a nice shot and a few memorable ones too =(.

Argh anyway, it was pretty good for the first event I attended in college..if you don't count ECA drive. It was quite like prom, though not so formal. There were performances by students and outside guests. I especially like S.O.M.L crew's performance: Best of the Decade =). Now I'm interested in TDC lol.

I think the most anticipated and the reason most of us came was to witness the announcement of the new committee and most of my choices made the cut. Too bad for my cousin, Teik Seam, got beaten by "We Can" Wei Ken to Treasurer.

And I met Thanusha from PM6, well then the objective of "making new friends" would be considered =) And saw Geik Ling again, after she moved to SAM on the same day ^^. Too bad the photos are all gone. =(

And, Thinking Day was yesterday. XD People were commenting how "loyal" I was to guides. Three other guides in my class and none wore guide shirts >=(. One never celebrated TD before though =0.

P.S: Couldn't catch Costumed Rabbit Mouse. Sad =(