Monday, May 6, 2013

I've seen too much of such a sight that it can be only greeted with cynicism(along with the word Bandwagon!) than any form of joy or appreciation: Peers on social media suddenly get all gungho over a certain issue and  it spreads like wildfire, I see emotional statuses, pictures, shares, changing of profile pictures...Only for the hype to eventually dissipate,as if not such thing ever occurred. As I type, already I see people reverting to their original profile pictures... YET... yet, for this case, I shall reserve a bit of that cynicism, seeing as this is an issue more personal to us and one that has caused such an uproar.

There's nothing wrong with being so emotional over this, it shows that this bothers you and that's a good sign.  But do let this emotion translate into further effort later on to strive for the change that you grieved for. I saw many a rant, many thoughts on social media until most gave off the same repetitive point. That's all very well done, especially those who took the time to pen such thoughtful posts, but where do you go from there? As mentioned earlier, some who only changed their profile pictures in a show of solidarity have already begun to change their pictures back, supposedly because the one day is almost done. I hope they did it because they are done with the mourning, and are aware of the next step to take in all this.

And the matter of how the elections have united us all. It's true if you look at the bigger picture where Malaysians all gathered together to cast their votes for a better nation. But on the aftermath, I saw friends on Facebook arguing, one slandering the other because of their choice of party. And discord arising because of dissent on how one should act/feel after knowing the results. This is just blatant sadness. Why such bigotry? I thought we were all beyond all this discrimination. Were those friendships worth this "sacrifice"? Or were they never important to begin with? Sometimes, you really should look beyond the party and at the individual instead.

This is going to be really hypocritical of me, having written all that, but I know I probably won't be doing as much relating to this matter. That's why I hope that you after all your sharing, preaching and liking, will go further and do more. Read more, educate yourselves, follow the news, seize any opportunity you have. Ultimately, just keep that passion in you burning. For myself, I will still strive hard, but for the matters that I will strive for. I told myself a while back that I'll make change for this nation, in my own way. We'll all fulfill our duties come election period but in the mean time, find what matters to you, it need not just apply to a political aspect. We are all capable of change, it's just a matter of how, and when.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another day, another destiny

I know I constantly need reminders to be grateful for everything that I have and to stop constantly fretting over my own trivial matters but, to hear such terrible news yesterday was just. :'( It provided a good dose of harsh reality but I was also reminded of how helpless I am in such situations. Not much I can do except pray and spread more positive vibes.

And as it's the eve of our nation's 13th General Election, this song comes to mind:

There's not a lot I can say that's not been said all over the Internet already.Our people have come a long way since the last election. More people are taking the stand and expressing their rights as voters. For me, I've long stepped out of the childhood view that an election was a battle between the "good" party and the "bad" party. Whatever the outcome tomorrow, I hope both parties accept it with dignity. The MOST important thing though, is that may we see tomorrow through unscathed and safe. There's really no point in people getting hurt over this, even if it's of national proportions. 

First blog post in over a month woah. Either Med school's been really packed or I've been really lazy. 

There seems to be a Les Mis song for every occasion. Wheee