Monday, March 30, 2009

Halfway up cloud nine

=0= More exam updates. Moral was ok since I didn't really aim anything for moral.

Add Math was Ugh! I have just come to realize how much I suck in math, since during Form 1-3, the lowest I got for Math was probably ...89?==

But but but, I will still remain happy =D because because because....

Remember when I said my English paper came back? ^^

I got a 95!!!! =D =D =D

I can't help myself. I'm so happy^^. I will continue being happy because soon when all classes get back their English paper, someone will be higher than me and I won't get the top for the form anymore. =(

So, for now, XD.

P.S I have my 2000+ word short story due like tomorrow, or today? And I gotta design my gadgets. >< BRATs posts and tag will have to wait.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursdays aren't so bad too.

My English paper came back.^^

Physics sucked though..Ah well

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Up and Down

Wednesdays and Saturdays are good days. =D =D=D

I got Bio back. Hahaha^^

And I got to eat Australian Cadbury White Chocolate from Hui Li.

On the not so bright side, I made worm mad, or at least annoyed. =( And I didn't get to apologise because I had to go for tuition. Teacher was already leaving==.

And and physics is coming back tomorrow! o.0

My posts are getting shorter and shorter.

I have to think of how to answer Ying Ying's tag==.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I should continue my BRATs post soon. And do Ying Ying's tag. But I don't feel like it now . =S

I screwed Chem. Well, I screwed the whole of my first term exam.

But then, this isn't the full exam.

We shall see how we really fare next term.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bright. Roving. Annoying. Teens!

It's already been like 3 days since I got back from BRATs and yeah it was totally awesome! The people were quirky, seniors rocked, experiences were amazing and the bond formed in 4 days, WOW!

First Day (14th March 2009)
Mum drove me all the way to Malacca, The Straits Meridian Hotel to be precise.

Pic of the hotel.

Registered and got into the room. Saw Pei coming and we sat down at a table. More people showed up at our table and we started mingling. It was really Jasmine who got us all going =D. Min min! Haha, like during the 2nd or 3rd day we started calling each other min min.

Our seniors Dhinesh(Monk/Sultan/Divo), Kah Mun and Kah Yan (the 2 butterflies) came into the room and we started on 2 ice-breaking games: blow wind blow and If I were... I got Hei==, who knew it was the Hei from Darker than Black. At least, that started me talking with Chris, who wrote Hei. Anime/Manga lovers!

Editors from the Star Youth Desk, Ivy Soon and Niki Cheong, Journalist Phui Yee and Ian plus Ong the photographer arrived while we were playing.

From here on, it was mostly theory work on Journalism, how to write, interviewing skills and photography. We were tested on our general knowledge when they asked us 20 questions on the recent happenings and one more bonus: What do you think is the greatest invention of your lifetime?

During interviewing skills, we were given 4 different scenarios and 4 groups went and tried to interview them. During the last scenario, which was acted by Niki, the guys tried interviewing but Niki kept rejecting. They pushed on and he yelled very loudly(and very convincingly too) at them, resulting in a "WOW...".

For photography, we were all assigned to go around the hotel and take a picture of something which fits the theme "Green". Later, they were gonna present our photos, only one per person by the way. Hahaha, my photo was the best among them. At least, Mr Ong liked it =D.

Yesss, this photo. It's my hand by the way.^^

These are quotes I saw in the hotel.

Seniors played another gave with us that involved signs. I couldn't get to play though as Ivy wanted our assignment, which was to find out the full name of the Chief Minister of Melaka, and what Ivy wants , Ivy gets. So went to ask people in the hotel who that guy was.

We were assigned our roommates according to alphabetical order. My room had 4 people, others had three. My roommates are all in Form 5 ==. Tze Ni, from Penang, Lye Yee who is a Malaccan and Sze Hsuen from SMK DJ. (Damansara Jaya).

Hmm... we were assigned into our groups. Print, Video and Photography. Guess which one I'm in =D. We were briefed on what we had to do tomorrow which was to go on a tour of Jonker Walk and Heeren Street. We wil be having two guides so a group of print, video and photo follow one, the other half follows the other guide.

That's probably about it for the first day. Doesn't seem so exciting? It gets better day by day. Think of the plot graph thing instead of a parabola, it goes up up, pass the climax and goes even higher!

Too be continued

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ah,I'm back from BRATs.

Too lazy to update about it now.

Later la.

Photos too.

One thing: It was AWESOME =D!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh yeah

Reminder to myself:

Get my sleeping bag and torchlight back from Vian!

Eh, what else?

I will be in Malacca for BRATs till Tuesday =D.

God, I feel so nervous. ><

I guess you all feel like shooting Mr Tee now?

Argh... Maths was hard. And damn there was not enough time.

At least, it had the feel of exhilaration I always look forward to in Maths papers =/. Still, HARD.

Went to SK Dato Onn for the guide PMR thing after school.

It could be summarised as a total waste of time.


The certs are with me. And And AND...there are no names on it==.

Furthermore, we didn't go up individually to receive. Only a representative from each school.


Sonia got her tali. T.T I still have penjaga left.

=D I smuggled handphone to school. Exam ma, who cares?

They would all be at Inti now. =(

BRATs tomorrow!!

=D =D =D

I still feel disappointed.

Damn Math.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Motion Graphs and Stuntmen

Omg, I was rushing to finish both Physics and English today. I was so worried I couldn't finish in time.

Physics..I dunno..I was very nervous during the exam..Then, the anxiety died down when it was over.

English...Hm..I actually used up those 2 1/2 hours o.0. And my essay broke a record, it's 3 pages( back and front of the test pad). Normally, I try to restrict myself to 2==. I dunno what Ms Leela will think. She doesn't seem to like long-winded essays. Eeek!

It's Thursday already!

BRATs is in 2 days time!

And they're all going to Inti College for LKT camp tomorrow. =(

I wonder if I can use my phone there.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Komsas and Amoebae

I think you would have guessed from the title that we had our Malay and Bio exam today.

Ah...both Bio and Malay were pretty ok. Still, I will make lots of mistakes.

I'm pretty worried about your grades. But, it's ok. As long as you tried your best. o.0 English is after recess. I might go visit you then. ^^ You never answered me about tutoring you. Never mind, I'll ask again tomorrow.

After school, I will wait for you again. =D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dictators and Poets

Phew..Day 1 of the exam is gone! Bye Chinese and history!

Chinese was torture!

But I came out of the class smiling to myself like the deranged person I am.=/

History was..relatively easy, at least the objective part. Structured questions and essay part were okthough I will still make lots and lots of mistakes anyway==

Tomorrow: Bio and BM

Exam adrenaline rush is back =D

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Still Here

Ok, the online world is just too seducing. I'm still online though the exam is in...2/3 days time.

At least, I finished the first round of Bio revision. ONLY

o.0 Only 14 students of 4S2 turned up today. 5 girls. =D All guides and scouts in 4S2 were present. BSMM members too.

Actually, most of the Form 4 batch guides came to school today. ^^

The first 2 chapters of history are interesting. If only they were in English. So I decided I should go read my encyclopedias on ancient civilizations.

Since you said you're giving your all this exam, don't disappoint ah! I'm one to talk==

Wen! It's so unfair! T.T damn worm..Ok it's not her fault, it's fate. =(


Thursday, March 5, 2009

I feel a bit disappointed in myself.

Ah well, what I actually wanted was already taken away anyway=(.

I need to study!!

I need to stay away from the computer!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Our class got it today.

Our new history teacher SOMEHOW found out that we were complaining about him.

I dunno whether he knows about the letter.==

After chemistry, we went back to class.

And we stood to greet the teacher.Then he called us up again. And then begin interrogating us!

Not really all of us, just Kha Sheng and Wan Jin.

Then, Zhong Wei so pawned him!

" Cik Margaret ialah guru yang baik, tetapi kamu, kamu bukan guru yang baik." (or something similar)


I wonder how the teacher feels...

Still, history grades at stake!

On another note, I wish the best of luck to all of you at S6.

But, at least even if you get it, you get it as a class.

Hm, take it as an oppurtunity to strengthen your class unity.==

This year's Form 4 batch is getting out of control.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Someone wrote a complaint letter requesting to change our history teacher.

And the whole class signed the petition.

Including my form teacher.


Poor guy.

I feel kinda sorry for him.

He wasn't even here for a month and already he's receiving complaints. =(

But this is our history mark at stake here!

Why did you choose S7 over us?==

Happy Birthday, Wan Jin!1=D