Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pelayan Test(Yesterday)

Yeah, another guide exam..thus making the competitive side of me emerge again. Me, Le Yi, Xin Ying, Kairou,(for form 3), Esther,Ming Jean , Hui Wen(for form 2) and Juo Sie (for form 4)..Oh Juo Sie..Poor Juo Sie...Other ppl took either kraftangan, penganyam or pereka..which seem more interesting to me..but oh well...

So me and LY actually went to the Recycle Center to collect cardboard boxes, thinking of covering the deep drain in behind the KH workshop, turns out our exam wasn' t there but near the stairs where the teacher's office is(the bamboo place).So..i just threw the cardboard around my cooking area.

Speeding through, 11.30~ we had to go *cough*waste time*cough* in the ending ceremony. Lol, Esther wore her apron there.Then, we headed back to finish up. All our food was carried to a classroom to be tasted on. Miss Mag gave comments, mine was ok but ....BUT...both were fried...and they look the

Oh Yeah...something real sad happened before this...some people were punished for being late or having incomplete half-u...They had to do frog-jump...As normal humans, one would surely cheat ..but Juo Sie...T_T...She was actually willing to do it in really "frog-jump" frog jump. The atmosphere was so morbid yet I felt like laughing...weird aren't I? Lyn too...She couldn't stand right after stopping...

Back to Pelayan, listen listen to comments then go wrap presents. Our penguji was called to examine our gifts. Mine passed..barely=)...Then go clean up...Argh...Some people left early...yet they left some of their stuff behind= =..What do you call this??? So poor Juo Sie, tired from the frog jump but still forcing herself, and Le Yi took them home since they were the last 2...I left before them(almost cleaned-up already then)...We lost one of the guide room forks, someone took it...must be...cuz a bowl that i washed together with the fork is there but not the fork???= =
So you see, the sikap of mementingkan diri sendiri here= =My mum waited who knows how long and she didn't go home too...Juo Sie's mum must have waited the longest...Sighs...

From this day, we learn that Juo Sie is too good a person...= =Let us salute herXD

Photos coming soon

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min
Let's hope we don't have to redo, or at least let JS pass..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's over~

Finally, the mid-term exams have ended....

Now, to face the real terror...the results...*shudders*

Sigh..but we have to face them sooner or later....But hopefully, later..=)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tag by Pei She

5 things found in your bag(my use during exam bag)
-erm...textbooks and exercise books
-pencil case
-compass set
-some lucky charms~

5 things found in your purse/wallet
-money of course
-MPH card(I think it expired already)
-Library card and PBC Card
-Little papers

5 favourite things in your room
-My Books~(novels I mean)
-Stuffed Toys
-more books

5 types of people
-happy go lucky people
-serious, strong-willed people
-lonely people
-two-faced people
-caring people

5 things you've always wanted to do
-win a prestigious essay competition= =
-don't study during the exams
-tell you how I feel about you(hopefully this gets accomplished soon)
-order people around
-publish my works

5 things you're currently into
-going online
-listening to Disney Love Songs
-daydreamng about you

5 people I tag
I don't wanna tag anyone so whoever wants to do it do it

Suffering from the effects of war...

Finally,it's Friday...

Time to take a break from the exams...

I so screwed myself and fate has toyed me once again. Subjects I spent hours reading on were actually not as bad as expected and those that I didn't really pay attention to, were all screwed. So I could have managed myself more better and divide time between those subjects better too instead on focusing on one while there are actually 2 being tested on.

I don't seem to be so philosophical here maybe cuz I treat it like a place to record the happenings of life while the one in my space is where I pen down all my thoughts. So I think I will post my thoughts on the exam there...