Thursday, May 29, 2008


Instead of 2 weeks of bliss, we have to worry about the upcoming mid-year exam..sighs...
But of course, I haven't started studying yet...only been attending tuition..The only time where I can interact with fellow peers in person for now...

Yeah..I miss school..and the people there=)...Plenty of books to read..I just keep on buying and buying...Now who knows how tall the pile is... news from you...miss you a replies, how sad... Hope you're alright... Good luck in the exams...You should have started studying by now I guess, knowing you(though I don't really)...

Have to hit the books soon...The storms of war draw closer with each passing day..

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Zhi Min
I think I'm suffering from heartache

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random Stuff

Today, my mum and aunt bought me a cd and an adorable little stuff elephant...Oh sooo cute... The CD is Disney's Greatest Love Songs.... Here's the pic of 2 of them:

Argh, how could you have not read it yet?! You know, you made me so worried for those four days, wondering what you will think after reading it. We have 2 weeks off, find some time to at least even have a glance. Geez...Sighs...we need to talk things through
seriously...We need to find time...

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Zhi Min

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A dedication to my friend


Strolling through an endless meadow,
Feeling the breeze,
Trying to catch your shadow,
Everything is at ease.

Troubles come,
Storms emerged,
When you come,
They shall all clear.

Meeting you,
Was the will of fate,
Befriending you,
A chance I did take.

Days of young spent wandering,
Happy days spent playing,
Then the world changed,
But my hand you kept on holding.

Tears that fell,
Were wiped away.
Blood that spilt,
You helped ease the pain.

Times of victory,
Rejoiced together,
Reminiscing our story,
Never one without the other.

There were times,
I thought I could never go on,
But you were there for me,
Leading me to the new dawn.

Arguments arise,
We exchange glares,
But after all the anger,
Again appear the cheerful stares.

When I was down.
You tried to make me smile,
Yet for you,
All I did was hide.

I feel sorry for you.
I feel bad for the times,
You risked what you want,
To be by my side.

Fooling around,
Your innocent smile,
Makes me forget,
The troubles I compile.

Looking back at those days,
Nostalgia in my heart,
Is this what happens,
When we grow up?

Exploring memories,
I feel really blessed,
Our friendship had,
Survive till all this time.

Now you’re fifteen,
We’re all growing up,
But our spirit,
We always stay the same.

Now it’s almost twelve,
Let me wish, deep from my heart,
Happy Birthday,
My wonderful friend.

Thanks for everything, Le Yi.
Happy Birthday!

Us doing homework on that fine day

Soh Zhi Min
Written on the night on 20th May, 11.33p.m

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day came and passed...Why didn't I bring my camera....

Cute candy house...

Miss Lum retired ...Didn't really feel anything as I wasn't her student.

Sad..couldn't give puppy my essay...and regretted not attending A2's pizza party...

Monday, May 12, 2008

3A1 Betrayed

Today, I stayed back at school to help 3A2 with their notice board. Note: 3A2 not my own 3A1... Sigh..For my class, not me who plans so I don't know what they planning for our class board. Quite a few people stayed behind to help the board plus the A1 outsider.

Ellie looked pretty nervous while briefing us. Maybe she would be better solo? Or at least only with Le Yi?

Quite fun though it was just for short while(1 hour)...Time pasts really fast...

I added a little something next to the 3A2 on the blackboard. Wonder if anyone else noticed it( Zhao Feng, Seng Yew and Chong Sheng know).

3A1, show more passion! Don't only care about schoolwork...Sighs~~

Saturday, May 10, 2008

To Kill A MockingBird

Just finished this book,it was a very interesting read..Highly recommended but I'm sure all literacy fans would know about it.

It is the story set in the 1960s maybe? Actually I'm not sure about the year. Set in Maycomb County... Scout(Jean Louis) Finch lives with her brother, Jem and Atticus in Maycomb county. In the holidays, a boy called Dill comes to visit the place and they befriend him. Dill grows interested in the mystery of Boo Radley, who stays locked up in he house since the incident where he ...what did he do again? Ah well...the kids always try to get a look at him. He does appear soon, at the end of the story,for a brief while.

The book also talks about racial integration as in that time. the blacks (negroes) were discriminated by the whites. A young man, ....whose name I can't recall...was accused of rape and as trialled. Actually, it was the girl's father that had beaten her up. But, in the end, the case wasn't won nor was it lost. The negro was sent to a prison before the next trail could commence.Sadly, he coulldn't take it anymore, tried to escape but dies in the attempt. By the way, Atticus was the negro's lawyer.

This book is real ...good? Telling us the story of two kids growing up amidst all that's happening in the world. Telling us to look beyond the surface of a person...

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Zhi Min


I wonder..I think I have like been posting entries everyday for this week or almost the whole week..Guess it was just a great week XD...

Well today we had hiking and we went inside the jungle!..Really fun! We 'mountain climbed a bit and cross a suspension brige...And my part of the group almost got separated from the big group..We followed the sound of singing ...=)Photos were taken and will be uploaded soon... Today I bullied worm again...Her threats of not being friends again were not taken heed of since I don't think she meant them anyway..Hehe...Do my pokes really hurt that bad,worm? Or you don't have enough training yet?

The sign to the Hutan Pendidikan

SMK La Salle- My little bro's school

La Salle Sign

In the playground somewhere

Our guide explaining

Entrance to the forest

Forest Map

Another sign

The Suspension bridge..real blur...damn cam can't zoom

We emerged out of the forest..Foong Ling with the X

More people here

Ming Jean-My Form 2 Junior

Me and Ming Jean

A house..looked really cool so took a pic of it

Thai Buddhist Temple

Some of the Form 4 seniors-Jia Xin, Jie Min, Lee Heng, Keng Yong,Hong Jin and Kai Sein

Bible College of Malaysia

The bible college building

St. Francis Xavier Church

Me and Le Yi(we were actually 'cutting' each other's throats but you can't see it clearly

Crapped with Hui Wen after we came back...Thinking of visiting Lyn who is said to be in the hospital...0.0...Waiting for news on Lyn from Wen...

Food cooked by Hui Wen's group during their test today(couldn't eat the fried egg with crab sticks T_T)

Hiking in the jungle is fun...Just a good thing we didn't go back the same way we used to climb up..Or everyone might not know how to get done..= = In the end, as Pn Chee said,"it is about the journey" and the journey rocked!

Back at school..Group Pic!

Have to think of 2 for Le Yi's bday present and one for puppy's long overdue present...

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Zhi Min
Why do my gums show when I smile? Argh...

Friday, May 9, 2008


Today, was quite fun... First, we had literature homework to do- 2 exam type questions and needed to hand in today. So, everyone was taking every opportunity to finish it. finished mine in time...So, my classmates decided to 'refer' to it...lyk 2 or 3 people borrowed it from me...Then, en didn't know how to do it so I helped her out.

Last 2 periods were sn so everyone was busy finishing their lit. We got scolded 4 coming down late... After went taking d form, walked around and helped hui wen pick wood...then walked with her till reach prefect room so puppy outside so talked to her.. But she went back inside at 2..sigh...

So became bored 4 an hour...

Tomorrow there's hiking...Sigh a...

Buying Tiger biscuits 4 d patrol...hahaha..

Zhi Min

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Relief Frenzy +Edufair

Today, our class had not one, not two but seven relief periods! Seven relief periods!
We only had class for two periods! The first 2 were for P.E, we spent our time in 3A2 with the girls. Lessons were on for Chinese and History...

During recess, Yin Suan said that we would be having relief till school ends!!! So,after recess we just did our own thing. (2 periods BI and 3 periods KH-relief!) Of course, with so many reliefs, we need stuff to do...So,first, I accompanied Xin Yi down to the book shop to get her file she forgot. Then, me and Zi Xin went down to the hall to ask whether we could go to the Edufair. She asked Pn Hoon, who told us to ask Pn Lim, who said we couldn't go= =. Then, we went to class..Soon, we went out again, this time with Sonia to see Pn Phang, who asked us to hand out workbooks to the class= =..We asked many teachers to go with us but no one:Pn Phang, Datin Sivanes, Sonia asked Pn Lim Yian Hwa...And we just walked and walked...Maybe those classes along the corridor will be wondering why these people keep passing by...We went to class -failed.

But wait, Pn Loo comes and says she can take us down so ...we go down!.Not the whole class though...So, we just hang around the hall, take free brochures and take the career test and career card game...I got artistic again...My fate must be sealed...

And just to get a nice plastic bag...I bought a RM3 career magazine..= =

Hmm..Today I poked Puppy's forehead while she was doing duty and she said it hurt! Sorry Puppy..Sorry..Sorry..Don't be angry with me T.T...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who is this?

Was fiddling around with my blog? And I saw someone left me a comment at my "Busy" post...A really long and nice comment...But, who is this person anyway? The only clue I know is that she's a guide...But who would it be?...= =... Sighs...From the way she writes, can't tell at all who it is...So, whoever you are...Just..who are you? And sorry, but I only saw the comment today...

Photoless Blog...

I think this blog is getting dull cuz it has no photos..maybe I should steal some from other blogs...o.O...I forgot bout those photos I took the other day...

My Class -3A1..

Wooi Keat

Jin Hang

Nick with his tongue out...

Koe Shern came to visit

3A2 on their way to KH Workshop

The walkway..Jia Yee's coming

Ley Kuan from A2

A glue bottle Carmen took..= =

Carmen and Pei She of A2

Last but not least, LE YI!!

Lamp changing...

How many students of 3A1 does it take to change a florescent lamp bulb?
Actually one would be enough but three took turns trying to fix it...

Yay! Our class is the cleanest for the past month...Kudos to Shan En, our responsible KK and my good friend, for wasting her breath(and time) getting us to do duty... The class clapped like 3 times for her and she was all blushing...XD

I wonder if I could go to the 3A2 class trip? There's hope... Today 3A2 sand school song in class...= =...At least they keep us entertained....If only our class was like that, but to do that, we need more people to act as class clowns..There are..but they don't surface when the teachers teaching, whereas for A2, they goof around whether the teacher's there or not...

After much thought and observation, Puppy's attitude around me seems to have changed...seems to be more open to me now..=)...May this friendship continue to blossom... Wonder why she never answered me bout whether she going to the class trip... Could it be as SY said, that she doesn't want me to go??? T_T

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Zhi Min

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sports Day!!!!

Sports Day today. I had marching duty so had to keep stepping the ground while waiting for the houses to perform their acts. So we turned out all sweaty...Then Jie Min gave us Mentos to eat like she promised yesterday =). So me and Lyn as Mentos Bearers went to find people to distribute Mentos to and we still had some leftover. Puppy didn't want my Mentos...= =...Then, we, the gang of guides with nothing to do decided to head down to the sports centre to ..well..find stuff to do...Soon. the gang split up and me, lyn,le yi,jia,jing wen and kairou went to the reading corner and we discussed stuff about guides...= =

Soon, it was the Prize-giving ceremony and we picked rubbish. Got to admire the spirit of Guides, we managed to clean the at first filthy sports centre with less then 20 people..XD

Results of-
House Marching
1st Red
2nd Yellow
3rd Purple

Tent Deco
1st Yellow =D
2nd Red
3rd Purple

Uniform Body Marching
1st Kadet Polis
2nd Kadet Remaja
3rd Scouts
Sighs..we didn't get it but we tried our best(i hope) BSMM didn't get it too, hope they aren't too disappointed...

Overall Results
2nd Purple
3rd Red
4th Green
5th Blue

BooYea! Yellow got numba 1!! Kudos to Red cuz they managed to catch up from last to 3rd. So happy for Yellow!!

GO leopards(or cheetahs)...Go Yellow and also to Mr Chan!


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Zhi Min

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sports Day is a-coming

Tomorrow, Sports Day shall commenced. To prepare for this, all houses are busy working on their tents and formation. Us guides were also busy practicing our marching. We had a session on Wed and we were seriously pathetic, everyone like gonna die. Then we had practice today. And we did great! Yay! We got to go back half an hour early~~

Yesterday, I went to the MPH Stock Clearance and bought lots and lots of books..Wee~ Books...Being around books makes me happy, Ain't I weird?

Good luck to all people marching and running tomorrow.
Piala Pusingan shall be in our hands...Muahaha...

Yellow house will be victorious!!

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min
High and excited!