Saturday, December 29, 2007

We go where the wind takes us....

Today I went to school as my last entry said...Le Yi got angry because I was late again..Not my fault..most of mum wasn't ready...When I just got there, Le Yi was no where to be seen...So I just went off to see the class list...for a while. Le Yi soon arrived..she was having a snack with her parents at the Kanna Curry House as they obviously got tired of waiting for me...We continued to have a look at the class list..and what a heck long look we had...I got into A1..again...Le Yi in A2 with Ellie...Shan En's with me...Hopefully...Puppy and Seng Yew are in 3A2...Sigh..Dick Weng got into A3 and Teng Yi into A4...Congrats guys!!

We went to the canteen to do our folios...Marissa came soon followed by Alicia a while later..They got us distracted so we didn't do much work until they...Le Yi gave me a "letter" again..and wanted me to reply her of course.When it was about 1 p.m, we went to the PBSM room to keep our bags there and headed out of school for lunch-Ipoh Chicken Rice...

We continued our work at the PBSM room..until 2.25p.m and went back to the foyer and waited for our parents. While waiting, we looked at the class list again..cuz I wanted to analyze something.Le Yi's mum or dad arrived and I was left alone to stare at the class list for half an hour...Whoopee..

When we realised our classes both of us weren't really that sad or anything...In fact, it was sort of expected...Marissa was really mad because Xy was in the same class as her and Shu Ling..To her, Xy is the most annoying person in the whole world...She even suggested appealing to the school for a class transfer. Alicia was pretty bummed out cuz she has no friends in her class...Hui Wen too..maybe they could be friends cuz they're in the same class...My class seems ok..Siu Yin's in it too..Wonder how that will turn out..Mostly all the geniuses are there..Hmmm..I always thought with tougher competition, my skills grow even more since I have improved this year from Form 1. Or its just a coincidence...Just have to keep my head up high and and stay strong...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Us teens and our emo-tions

From the blogs I have read, I figure that a lot of teens seem pretty emo with thoughts of suicide and what not. Even if I too am one of those mentioned, I reckon we shouldn't be thinking like that. Negative thinking could do a lot of brain damage..look what it did to me.XD I got emo because of my younger brother who always bugs me and steals/snatches my stuff- just to see me get mad.Evil cretin...Anyway, to you guys out there who read this..think positively so you don't become a deranged sicko like me.

Today was Orientation Day for the Form 1s at my school. I didn't get to go because my brother didn't get CHS...But I'll be going tomorrow to do my folio with Le Yi...So...I get to see the class list...Huuh..

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Zhi Min
2008 coming soon...

Monday, December 24, 2007

My brother pushes me closer to suicide

This is gonna be a short post too so don't worry. It's about my brother again. Satan's evil spawn has once(maybe not once)again decided to ruin my life. He took both the mouse and keyboard away from me when I was playing before.So sometimes I get really stressed out and depressed. Too depressed sometimes that I feel like suicide and ending it all. But, I can't do that...For my friends..who hopefully will miss me if I'm gone and of course my family too.It's Christmas Eve after all.

On a side note, the class results should be coming out on the 28th.And Merry Christmas, everyone.Enjoy what's left of the holidays.

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Zhi Min
I might be saying bye bye soon...Just kidding...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Got Tagged By Shi Yi...

Might as well do this...though I have no one to tag....

1) Do this tag and answer all the quetions in your blog.
2) Delete question 20 and add your own question instead.
3) Tag 8 other people

What is your dream when you were a small kid?
My dream...I forgot...Probably something childish and impossible...Still daydreaming now

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
Ummm....It should be when I'm having fun with my best friends and family.

3. What do you wish to have right now?
Some self confidence....Independence...School life again

4. When is the last time you horse laughed?
I can't remember....probably sometime in tuition when Kang Wei or Seng Yew said some silly stuff....Or maybe when my bro says funny stuff that crack me up...

5. What did you realize recently?
My bro might never get to CHS...

6. Which bad habit in you that is the most unacceptable?
My silence that sort of unnerves people I'm not close with...Or(if its my family) I tend to get angry and shout at them...

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?
Go to my room...Just space out and stare into space

.8. What are you afraid of losing?
My family and friends and things I treasure most

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic one?
I don't know...I get lots and lots of manga for my collection?

10. When you met someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?
Hide it I guess and help that someone from the shadows

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
People who take no heed of the underdog
People who don't appreciate friendship
People who my instincts say I should hate

12. Define loneliness.
When you're in a crowd but everyone ignores you

13. Are you satisfied with your life now?
No..not really...if you want your life to have to work for it

14. When is the most recent time you felt touched?
When I found out I could go to camp...not really touching but I forgot...hmm..when someone sacrificed something for me maybe...

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?
Hmm...forgot too...really forgot...maybe in my dreams...

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently.
Actually a lot of 'On My Honour' ..a guide song and "Distance' from Naruto

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?
To be great friends with that someone..

18. Do you have anything to be worried or scared recently?
Whether my grandmum gets better and whether my bro gets CHS

19. If the world is going to end, what will you do?
Do everything I wanted to do in life...Buy all the manga I can afford and read them...Profess love to that someone(if any by that time) Say bye to everyone...

20. Do you have any New Year Resolutions?
Of a better person...Hope my friendships all go well...Have a good school life

Have no one to tag...Just did this to add more contents to my blog...

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Blur Cheese from the Blur Guides

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What the heck happened?

One fine morning on the 20th of December 2007, my brother received the letter about which school he will go to after he applied for a transfer to CHS. Well, he got the first. But, it got changed to La Salle. You can still SMJK Katholik on the paper crossed out and replaced with La Salle...Why?!!

So now my mum will go see the person responsible at the office. Hope my other friends have better luck with their siblings. XD

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Zhi Min
Finally a short post from me.XD

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two more weeks to go...

Two more weeks to go till school starts this a good thing or a bad thing?
I get to see my peers though with the help of MSN and the telephone, I don't think I've really miss much of them. Well, there's news that Pn Cheam's leveling up to the morning session( Isn't life wonderful)....if that happens, I'll never experience school life that's not controlled by her. It's not like I have a grudge against her...It's just that I want to know what it's like if you get a new start in Form 3...The teachers don't know you so you can start over. But with Pn.Cheam here...all your pass miss-doings get brought up again so you probably won't get a second chance.

Okay...enough about her...I've never contacted some people during the holidays. Then again, they might not want me to contact them anyway(one person in specific). Enough depressing thoughts...even though they come back anyway....It is kind of sad...but people have their own life, I shouldn't interfere. Miracles will never happen.

What else?...My maid went back to Indonesia for holiday so my mum took three weeks leave and me and my brothers have to do housework. I have two Girl Guide folios to do- Second Class and First Aid. Probably finish those at the last second.

I wonder if my brother will go to CHS next year. He applied for a transfer but currently there are no results, for his school anyway.The orientation is on the 28th...He might not make it for that. Wonder if I have to go give out Girl Guide leaflets there.Worm didn't go online today...And I was hoping to tell her some ideas too...Destiny is so weird...Puppy came online but didn't reply me....what does she do anyway? When for once she came online, worm didn't. Is this a trick or something?

Wonder why everyone's so worked up over the Chinese homework assignment?I finished it quite long ago...I still have tuition too so... yeah...I won't miss the guys there too. My bro keeps bugging me when I go online...I gonna go insane soon....

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Zhi Min
I hate my brother...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The BAKP Camp (Part 4)

My hand has two shades now....

Day 3

The morning went on in the usual routine...exercise and flag ceremony.We didn't really had much to do today. We took our stuff over to the canteen and helped to do Sze Hui's BAKP log book. I had to write about the 'malam kepanduan'. Ok enough...Soon everyone was bored...everyone in my group anyway. Wonder why our group's so quiet compared to the other group. I went over to Le Yi's group and talked with them. I saw this first aid kit and tried opening it but I guess I did it the wrong way and the knob came off.Luckily, Pei Jia fixed it. Later,somewhere at dusk. I got called to help them at the 'kitchen' . Getting the job of main cook must be hectic...Hooi Yin who got the post said herself this was her most stressful camp yet.I helped to get water for them.

At night, there was another 'malam kepanduan', for the State Camp. We all got mini flashlights and were told to get autographs from the state campers.It was also singing, dancing and the usual guide stuff.There was a ceremony where we had to throw our wishes in to the campfire. Someone said they were gonna tell our wishes so I just wrote that I hope the camp ended well(it did). If I knew I would have written something grander...There was a guide history quiz after this. I have no idea what the answers were so I just 'tembak' it.

This time we slept in the hall again in case of a storm.We slept in two lines ,each line 30 people.The candidates slept on the stage.It was already 2;30 am. Alicia was next to me and we set three alarm clocks.Two handphones and a real alarm clock.

Day 4(last day)

Usual routine but we kept our full-u on for the whole day. Our tents went down and most of the gadgets too.Our luggage was moved to the 'urus setia', I got back the quiz results-27/50, not bad I guess.We went to the hall for speeches,prize-giving and badge-giving.We then went to the
closing ceremony.We shook hands with everyone(literally).Then lunch and we carried stuff from a hut to to the' urus setia' When our bus came, human chain again.

In the bus, we were told we had to go to school on Saturday to clean up.Quite some people couldn't come.Most of Wei Lin's team couldn't make it. A lot of people slept on the bus..Duh..Reached school at about 5pm. Had to carry stuff to the Guide Room then we can leave.
Camp Officially Ended

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Zhi Min
Finally some real sleep...

The BAKP Camp (Part 3)

The BAKP candidates during Malam Kepanduan

Listening at the Test Site

Day 2

The next day, I woke up at 4.30 am to take a bath with my friends.Boy, was the water cold. Don't think they have heating in camp.At 6 30a.m there's our morning exercise and the flag ceremony at 7am where we have to change into our full uniform and out of again every morning at camp.

I forgot what we did on this day...Let me recall....Oh OK I remember now...There's breakfast then work again.Then some of us followed the state camp with their activities to take a test. You have to light a fire using two matches.The instructor taught us how to set up the wood and Backwoodsman cooking(cooking without utensils).We collected wood from a quaint little bamboo hut and started our test. In the end...out of ten or so people,four passed,2 wussed out. Me? I failed. HAHA...But my friend passed though.Congrats to her since that was her 3rd time taking the test((Me my second)

The test also clashed with our lunch and guess what? No one bothered to save any for us.(the three of us in that same sub sub camp)....Whatever then..let it pass even if they did promise...whatever...

Then, there was a flying fox and rock-climbing activity. We and the State Camp were divided into groups and our group(the BAKP) did rock-climbing first.Sadly..only a few people did rock-climbing and quite some made it to the top(including Hui Inn,our unit leader,Jia Xin, a patrol leader and Alicia the worm).We had to play the wide game created by the candidates.We were divided into groups yet again according to our duty schedule(mine was orange and brown) and we also had to think of our act for "malam kepanduan". Don't really want to go into detail bout this...Aww..what the heck..I love to type:

1st Station(Foong Ling):
We had to sing a song to please her.OK...first try..we sang Old Texas. Not accepted.Next, Ging Gang Goolie...almost...she wanted actions...So we did the action...(tickling each others chin)To go to the next station,follow the clues on the ground.

2nd Station(Tai Tee):
We followed the clues(twigs in the form of arrows, pebbles) and it led straight to a....handphone!! We were stumped...coulld this be a coincidence or was it left there on purpose. Marissa took it to the "urus setia".We walked past the place and saw Tai Tee looking at us from the area which we just passed. We went back to that slope and onto the hut next to the rock climbing place. She was mad with us of course. We explained about the handphone...which turns out was really dropped by someone. OK..back to the game...we had to make something from a piece of colour paper. Elaine made a flower and we were told to keep it. By the way, Elaine couldn't see properly because SOMEONE stepped on her glasses.Moving on...

3rd Station(Hui Inn):
We arrive at the field where the flag ceremony is held.Hui Inn was sitting down somewhere on the far side of the field.There were straws on the field in the form os 3 or 4 paths. We had to follow it to find a ring(fake)of a particular colour.Ours was orange.

4th Station(Wei Lin):
Her place was a hut full of our equipment. We had to make a"bubuh" from chopsticks. What's a "bubuh"? Don't know,something you catch fish with. Since no one really knew what a 'bubuh' was, we just made a little pyramid shaped net thing....On to the next station...

5th Station(Amirah)
Amirah was sitting in the canteen.Oooh..she has a laptop...We had to make five paper lanterns and solve a code to know where the next place is.The code words were cute...Each were little symbols representing the Alphabet.

6th Station(Angeline):
We had to make a....bowline and throw it to our comrade who was ...'drowning'....Get the picture? Nobody could do it at first....until Angeline showed us the correct way of throwing and one of the BK girls made it.She gave us note saying we should follow the river's flow.Take the wrong part and we miss a station.We took the right path of course and reach a bridge.

7th Station(Adeline):
The comrade we saved from'drowning' is injured. We have to bandage her head,hand and foot.So, three people did that.We had to lie low so the other team won't know we took this part. No point anyway..they were way behind.Then, follow the clues again.

8th Station(Sze Hui):
Sze Hui was also in a hut. This time we have to memorize at least 25 items in the hut. Marissa mistakened a Quarantine sign for a Kelantan sign, me too...

9th Station(Meu Ye):
The last station...Yeah!We reached our original point-the amphi-theater. Meu Ye wanted us to make something from the stuff we had-water and the flour and sugar she had with her. We needed an extra messtin and luckily I left two at this place before we set off(Marissa took 2 from the canteen but Yee Jing already found some)So pancakes made and Meu Ye ate them.Forgot what I did while wanting for the other teams.

After dinner it was our'malam kepanduan'(at the theatre), when the BAKP candidates were setting up the fire, Sze Hui 's hands got kerosene on them and burnt slightly.Yee Jing mistaken more kerosene for water and the whole area got kerosene.We had to clean it up before we could continue. Besides songs led by the candidates,two groups performed three songs each.(Mine and the combination of Pink and Purple)We cleaned the place up again when it ended. Since I was bored I went back to the theater and chatted with my friends and then we had our bath.

Here's something extra:
There's this night patrol duty that we have to do or those that got chosen had to anyway.
It was Pei Jia and Jing Wen's turn and they said they had an encounter of the spiritual kind. They saw a guy in black disappear into the lake or somewhere nearby.Then in the tent, the zip got stuck and the two of them went to fix it. That's when they saw the guy standing near their tent and walking away into some bushes.

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Zhi Min
Poor Sze Hui...

The BAKP Camp (Part 2)

A Tent

The Canteen

Now its time for Part 2 of my lovely camp story. Let' see...We reached the campsite at about 10.30 am I think.So, the procedure of the human chain was repeated in a vice versa kind of way... Items were going down instead of up now. That's because both times we were on a slope and the bus is always on top.Then, we carried all our stuf to the place our tents were supposed to be.

Soon, we were called to attend the camp briefing by the trainers and camp authorities. It was quite interesting with funny quirks from the trainers. The rest of the day continued with a catered lunch and the rising of our tent. In the evening, we went to the hall again to get our blood tested because there is a case of Malaria in a nearby town.Then work again and dinner, prepared by each sub-camp's main cook.What did we eat again? Oh yeah, scrambled eggs, fried 'tauge' and fried cabbage and onions.

After dinner, we went to the "bilik urus setia" to sing guiding songs.These songs always put me in euphoria. The songs were led by the BAKP candidates.FYI, there are nine candidates and five are from CHS.We had to evacuate to the hall to sleep because the rain was heavy.

That's all for Day 1 I guess.

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Zhi Min
Oompah oompah oompah la....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The BAKP Camp(Part 1)

The Lake

The Bag Rack and some huts behind

Day 1

Well...If you're wondering what BAKP stands for, it's Bengkel Anugerah Ketua Pesuruhjaya. If you're still's a girl guide thing.Enough said.This camp was on the 10th till 13th of December 2007.Now let me get into detail.

I arrived at school on the wonderful that the wonderful dawn of 10th December(6.30a.m)...The skies were still dark and only a few people arrived before I did.We went over to the Guide Room(located next to the PBSM/BSMM room). Since I was aware of my attending of this camp at a later period then others, I didn't get a permission slip yet. So, my mum came down the car with me to sign it. A few of us got called by seniors to select firewood and put it into plastic bags so we can take them to camp. As I was doing that assigned task, an unknown insect bit me on the wrist.Ow...Soon,it bit me again and I hadn't even left school yet...Sheesh...Then,we formed a human chain and passed all the tools up to the bus.After that did we take our luggage up to the bus.

On the bus, well nothing much. We got nasi lemak but didn't eat it yet. Soon did they stay forgetten this whole trip and got scavenged by cats in the camp site.What a waste....

It's getting late in my place.I'll continue Part 2 next time.For now,goodnight.

Yours sleepily,
Zhi Min

My First Post anyone there...This is my first post here and well...I'll be most grateful if anyone gave me any pointers if I need any...So...WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!

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Hope you like it.