Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The End is Near

Hmm..Nothing special to blog about so I'll just do a little run-through of what happened these few days.

On Sunday, watched 2012 with Lyn and Wen XD

Either people already spoiled it for me or it wasn't up to my already very high expectations XD But it was good though I think there could be more to be said than what that ending gave. Ah well.

So, because of the movie, the rest of the day went by pretty fast. We had lunch at 2? 0.o And Wen finally bought running shoes! And in of all places, Isetan==.

Monday, went back to school for meeting which then turned out to be more like um, wasting away in the lodge, then trapped in teacher's office to helping teacher spring clean==. And I ended up with all those Chinese workbooks~

People who went back with me ended up sleeping in the car. Really quickly too. Wow o.0

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The different side of the story

Let's count my expenses for today, shall we? :

Bus Ticket to Mid Valley : RM 1
KTM Ticket to KL Sentral : RM 1
Donated to desperate guy : RM 1
KTM ticket to Shah Alam: RM 1.20
(Tried to get by with child ticket)
EPIC FAIL : Charged RM2.50 (adult price) ISHHHH DAMN THEM!
Taxi Fare: RM 10/3 ( Jue paid this first)
Lunch: RM 4.50/2 (someone paid first)
Entrance Fee: RM 3 (someone paid first)
Taxi Fare: RM 10 + RM 2
KTM Ticket back to KL sentral: 6 x Rm 2.50
KTM Ticket back to Midvalley: RM 1 x 6
Bus fare back to school : RM 1x 6

Woot! I saw many figures o.0. So, add up all the stuff I paid for and you have....

RM 45.70 ==

And when shall I get my money bacK? Not anytime soon............

Edit: Oh oh. Actually I should be getting about 32.50 back. Since the rest is my own expenses and about dunno how much I owe myself =. =

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I should have been in the cinema now...><

Wow, I have not posted for 2 weeks already=.= What with Pra=Bakp and Permit Camp happening.

Pra was so-so, now I have to continue doing my log books ><.

Permit camp was really smooth and successful, cum some delays. Good job, Han Lin, Huiwen, Pui San, Ming Jean =D!!

Ahh, there's this one thing which is so frustating and really stupid=. = Me, Lyn and Wen were supposed to go out tomorrow but ok , I have a meeting, and meeting IS more important than going out==. Then, Friday we're all not free. Thursday Lyn's going out. Then, today she said she had to go back to school. Soo, nothing.

Then, Lyn called me today ask where were we? Turns out, she could go and she's in school already T_T But wen can't be contacted and I'm stuck at home. Thus, plan failed T_T =(((

And I have Chinese tuition this Friday, and hiking too. Then next Saturday,I have Chinese tuition again, AND hiking again too. WTH ><>< ><

Oh yeah, an online wish for you.

Happy Birthday, Hui Wen!!

(though this is one day late) (i'll find a pic to put up later ^^")

Celebrating your 16th on the 16th XD

Sorry we can't go along with your plans =( We'll find a way

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I lost the bet =.=

Why is my internet connection so random?

It suddenly died on me on Saturday then miraculously got revived today. Praise the lord! =D

My workpile increased again today. =. = So I must try and find pleasure in it!! No one said it has to be a grueling and tormenting process to the goal. I shall look on the seemingly bright side now X). And stay seemingly optimistic ^^. (Of course, not too optimistic till I neglect everything.)

My class must have many disciples studying in the way of the ninja. (Almost) everyone has practiced the art of deception where they leave and enter class as they please(yours truly included). And I tell you, there is no exhilaration to it== Well, maybe that was because I was safely hidden in my "safe house" X). The only fear was that of getting caught while walking back. But seeing how the geography of my classroom is......

The yearbook was finally out. And and my poem got published. BUT but the last two stanzas got cut out =(. Even my "=)" at the end! T-T. So the message I wanted to convey is no more. *Sobs*

One more thing, I lost the bet. Two people would probably be smirking when they see this. == Somehow, I think the punishment period is too short....And this is rather a bad time for me(and them) to start working for people==.

And if you were wondering, it was the last of the top 5. Sighs