Monday, March 11, 2013

Met up with a couple of old friends yesterday night, and after all the food and drink, we would go into some customary reminiscing. I mean, these people have seen me through the most formative years of my life (should I say, we saw each other through). Recalling events of the past, laughing over former crazy shenanigans, hearing about relationships, past and current, and even learning about things that occurred years ago.

With the topic of relationships coming up most of the time, we eventually settled on one of our friends present. Having somehowww maintained a pretty low-key relationship for most of 3 years, I guess the rest of us were pretty curious how it all began.

After hearing their story, I was pretty amazed. You could say, they aren't your conventional couple. The buildup did not consist of a guy scheming to impress a girl, or deliberately going after her, but that of two really good friends that allowed time to run its course, with the pieces setting naturally into place, slowly coming into realisation that their friendship could go further. They recently celebrated their anniversary, but it was not to commemorate the day one party professed their feelings to the other. Apparently, their anniversary date was chosen to remember the "trigger": the day in a cold lecture hall, when a guy instinctively clutched the girl's hand, just to keep her warm. (And even after that, it probably took months of confusion before they knew where this was heading.)

They do not see each other as much, believing that days of our youth should be spent hanging out with your other friends too. Sometimes, even during moments when they do meet up, they will inadvertently focus more on reconnecting with old friends, then be the couple that trails behind a group.

I am both happy for and envious of them. Here are two people who have grown in love, seamlessly arriving to this stage where they are so comfortable with each other. So, maybe once in a while, we should discard our worries of the future and let fate run its course. As my friend herself has said, it's better to just keep things simple.

P.S: Never did mention my orientation here. In short, it was an eventful two weeks. Met some pretty awesome people and had loads of fun. The group may not be PM4 yet, but that requires effort mainly from my part. Besides that, med school just has the most "what the hell" timetable ever.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Recalling this exchange me and Agnes had while talking to Thivya and Sarah at Salmon Steak.

On the topic of extra co-curricular activities:

Agnes: Honestly, it isn't the gerko marks that are important.

Me: Ya...


Agnes: It's the certs.

Me: It's the passion.

(Awkward glances)