Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm missing my first Physics lesson for camp!

And the teacher says it's hard...=(

Wish wish wish ..EIC
Hey..I forgot to blog about last Friday..= =

24th October 2008

Went to Taylor's College for this Creativity thing which I thought was about drawing but wasn't really..

o.0 Taylor's is rich! There's this fountain and the entrance kinda looks like a hotel..Well it is a school for hospitality and hotel management and such.

Let the pictures talk then:

The fountain

One of the entrances

At a talk

Doing stuff

The straw tower we built, We lost=(

Arh! I didn't get my yearbook!!! Gotta find Pn Phang 2moro...><

-Zhi Min-

Wish wish wish..EIC

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post PMR Days

22nd October 2008-Wednesday

The first day that the after PMR programs start turned out to be quite interesting and fun..
There was goofing around with Rachael in the library's computer lab...The keyboard was whacked and she tried to tighten the cord.But the keyboard became worse, she couldn't type at all! Then when she pulled it, she found out the cord came out ><

Then, me and Le Yi stalked Juosie.Actually we just sat on a bench in the canteen and observed her doing her rounds.

The rest of the day was spent with Hui Wen and the PBSM gang on the steps outside the prefect room. They were having marching practice.Yeah, MARCHING PRACTICE! And it was the Form 3's own idea to have it,though Shan En said it was because they got scolded last time. Talk about having intiative 0.0.

They were practicing commanding and wow, YS and WY have loud voices.

And you know, I got cut by a piece of rusted metal =.=.

There was that giant banner at C Block, with the strings hanging, so everytime there's a large breeze, the banner flies up, bringing the strings with it, irritating the hell out of us. Daniel decided to tie the strings to a manhole/gutte cover thing. When a breeze came, the banner flew up again...with the cover too! And who was the unfortunate person that was sitting next to it when it "flew"? Me =(...Owh owh owh...And I bleeded, if I get lock jaw, who should I sue? Wen took me to the RC Room to apply 2nd time in the RC Room.

Lyn was so unlucky today, not bringing her report card, then she couldn't go to camp already and has to find a replacement for worm, having to type and finish all those graduation certs, and then she lost her pencil box...=( I feel pretty guilty, I think I left lyn behind..but it was after school and I had to hurry and she was talking to someone already...Yet, my transport came like 20 minutes late ><.

23rd Ocober 2008-Thursday

Today I went to Sunway University College for the Outdoor Teamwork.

I can say was pretty short and not really that outdoor-ish.

The field was muddy , I so regretted not taking my shoes off.

But,it was pretty good, albeit short.

I gave Lyn Bleach posters, but knowing her, she won't accept it so I asked her to give them to Jia.

The guides would be spending the day tying up wood and choosing wood. Lazy me ain't doing that since I'm going out. Maybe I should stay back tomorrow...or maybe not. EB installation ..which I won't be part of =(...happening tomorrow...

Pei says if I wish hard enough, I would get it, so I'll wish everytime I post...

P.S War's over but we still haven't talk yet..Sighs...It would be so much easier if I knew how you feel...

-Zhi Min-
Wishing wishing wishing..EIC EIC pleeeease..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We part ways

It's not goodbye

Just see you later! ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Now we're getting somewhere...

Farewell, comrade. You have served me well. It's time to retire.

And Hello, my baby...=)

Ah...I'm sure the 2 of us will be well acquainted...
Bro's new phone...

And Happy Birthday to my bro as well!!

Now we have the camera and walkman combo ^^

Friday, October 17, 2008

An obstacle in life over...More to come

Yeap...Perang PMR is over!

Now, all young 15 year-old warriors would be out celebrating

But I' m not =.=

Yet, there is something to rejoice about..

I got my new phone!!

Behold~~~The Sony Ericsson W910I!

Ok..I said before I wanted the Nokia 5610 xpressmusic...But thie salesguy managed to convince me to get this one...And he really was very good...He knows his phones...

=)...Time to play...and get some work done too

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Exam Euphoria~~

Oh yeah! 6 days left till the big one!

I'm getting psyched!

Exam adrenaline rush returning.

I love exams...

Did I mention I love exams?

No, seriously.

OK, not exams but the excitement of it! Whee~

I've gone nuts.

On a side note,

Happy Birthday, Pei Jia aka Jia Jia aka monkey!

Happy Birthday, Amy!

Here's the pic of the little monkey..=D

Had a nice long talk with you, but not long enough. You know what I got you

And how naughty of you, playing truant for 3 days..

So I can only give you your present of Thursday =.=

Friday, October 3, 2008


OMG! less than 10 days left!!

and yet, I feel strangely calm..The setback of being a ..."genius"?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


11 days...

Lol..I finally called you today, too bad you're sick so we couldn't talk long( hopefully, that's the reason we hung up so fast). Get well soon! =) We have a battle up ahead and you gotta be at your best to face it. I was pretty nervous before making the call..and there's still that feeling... =(

After making you promise to stop slacking off yesterday you didn't go on today..= = Don't worry, you can do better than what you did in the exams this year. Seriously, don't overdo it. Work hard and don't think about other things first. After the war, we'll go celebrate.^^ You know, I dreamt about you..and you were dead 0.0 The dream said you were dead a long time ago and the one who chats with me in msn isn't you..0.0

And you, our last conversation was you scolding me =(... what happened to those times...when I could enjoy your company..

Those times you smiled your cute little puppy smile at me= =

The time you sms-ed me and said you were so happy because HH sent the oral script to you( I wrote that by the way) I said you looked like you wanted to cry over that stupid script remember?

The time it was our accounts test and you forgot your calculator. So I lent you mine. You looked so happy and you even said' I love you" =) Lol, like I would cry if I didn't have a calculator with me, don't you need it more?

Those times where you waved at me, the times where you could show your concern...

I am missing those times, and you=(

Forgive me, for whatever I did