Saturday, May 14, 2011


Such a dilemma now =(...Sigh...

Oh god, I must be the only JPA scholar here who isn't happy with what they got. And comparing it with the rest of my peers who applied for Medicine, it really is quite good.

But accepting it means leaving behind the people I've been with for the past 5 months now. The PRE-MADDEST bunch of people who balance studies and pranks all so flawlessly! I'll be leaving the food, the people, the environment, lame jokes, weird jokes, dirty jokes, pranks, awesome teachers, awesome people for money. Why why is it always about money T. T

And what's more, a part of me says I should stay. Because accepting the offer would mean I might never know whether I could have achieved further.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Morning breeze

I wasn't really one for change. So much that some things I were looking forward to have also slowly been adopted as routine. Back last year, I was really eager to get college started because one always was curious about new things. But now, high school life seems so much more welcoming. Despite how awesome college is now(especially the people), there are some things from high school it never could replaced. Either that, or there is still some part of me yearning to cling on to anything that holds memories of high school or any proof that it happened.

Being not one for change, I don't only mean it for parts of life but for people as well. I have this intolerance towards fickle-minded people. The constant changing of minds proves to be quite annoying, especially at the expense of other people.It's just irksome if one's decision is constantly altered until you dunno what they want anymore >=( .That's why I at least try to stick to decisions once made.

Though it's inevitable to encounter such cases, one just has to go with the flow. I just got to remind myself that they are the ones who control their own life.