Thursday, June 25, 2009

The crazy cooky-ness of Exams

Disappointment is all I've been feeling these days.


I hate myself for being so kiasu at times like these.


Argh, now add maths is coming back tomorrow! >< At least, Mr Tee said we did better overall then S10 though that's not much of a consolation.

I have no idea what's gone into me during this exam. Careless careless mistakes. I could probably list them all here but this one OWNS all.

Read and..laugh:

I can't believe I actually wrote that. If you can't see , it says "I should remain calm and believe in YOURSELF" Like WTH la. Aiyoh. Cost me that one mark from getting a perfect 25 for my Lit section.

On the bright side, there's this:

I got a perfect 20/20 for my BIO essay. =D Yes, BIO!! BUT still, no 90. bah. ><

Busy Saturdays this month, and going as a BRAT to cheer 09 this Sunday =D.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flying at Sonic Speed

Exam is over.......Whoooooo.........==

Honestly, I've been having this nagging nervous feeling with me since yesterday that lasted till the Mod Math paper was given out today, and then I could let out a sigh of relief and replace it with one of exasperation! I despise Sets now. == And I actually lost 3 marks for getting the postive sign mixed up with the negative sign.

Sejarah was evil! How can you give people marks just because they "uh huh-ed" and clapped first==. Ludicrous I tell you! And it's not one or two measly marks (which are actually a lot too) but it can add up to 5!!Or maybe even 7!! Ok, I have to admit this is more like the kiasu-ness talking ( as I have no bonus marks==) then my sense of justice, but still!!! People got 100, for bloody's sake!!

Pfft, can't complain much as my grades are already considered "exemplary". My classmates are pressuring me, everybody improved so much! 0.0 Damnit!

For better or worse, the nagging feeling has subsided.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pull at your heartstring


I'm still seven posts away from my 200th post== And I shall save that for the "special" day that is coming soon =S.

I want to inspire people.

Through just talking, through my writing, through my actions, I just want to be an influence to someone.

I want to help change someone, see them walk on the right track.

I want to move someone, to trigger their senses and emotions.

I want to be someone's driving force, to push them on in life.

I want to be someone's ray of hope, to remind them there's no giving up.

I want to be the cheer that brightens up one's day so the dark clouds go away.

I want to be a mentor, guiding you, being at your side and pointing to your true destination.

I want to be a performer so your smile stays.

I wish to harness the power, to command words to inspire,

To turn the void into hope,

To change doubt into trust,

To cast away the dark and call forth light,

To return pure innocence once more,

To retain that undying naivety our hearts have long fostered,

To turn dreams into reality,

To bring out the wings that make us soar high,

To make small miracles worth treasuring

And in return,

The small sense of satisfaction from healing a heart,

The genuine smile from a rekindled spirit,

The goal of one once lost attained,

The disheartened finding where they belong,

A show of gratitude,

A smile on that tear-stained face,

A confidence regain,

Maybe a new friendship attained


Knowing that you've inspired someone,

That would be enough =)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Inhale, Exhale

Ways to Reduce Stress
compiled by the students and teachers of 4s2

1) I have no stress
3) bertahannuth (where? Gua Hirak)
4) Study everyday (Pn Teh)
5) Breathe in and breathe out (Ms Leela)
6) No add math (objection)
7)Prepare for the worse
8) Pikachu =)
9) Berdakwah
10) Commit Suicide(best way!)
11) Suck Pacifier
12) Smile =)
13) SHOP!!

14) Makan all the way
16)Don't worry be happy
17) Stop studying
18) First answer A

* Crossed out ones were rubbed off by Mr Tan. It was his idea in the first place!! LOL! Isn't our Bio teacher cool?

That's all I've got. Thanks to all classmates who helped to recall. Will check our blackboard for anything I left out

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gone Sub-Zero

I can finally have a breather after all that days of cramming..Not to say that I wasn't relaxing myself this few days despite exam >< But I did cram, as I always do. It is the fundamental basis of how we students study for exam, most of us anyway.

Oh, I think I've said that a day early==. There're still 2 more papers before the weekend.

Exams bring out the many traits of people.

There are the many cliques, couples, twosomes, groups that bond together on this dire time, for assurance, for guidance, for hints, and then some.

There are the lone rangers(yours truly sadly one of them--), battling it out alone, silently striving for excellence in their own way.

There are those who keep it all to themselves, those who share anything they know and those who keep on asking for more.

We have students staring blankly into textbooks, students tackling impossible exercises and students doing both!

I see students franticallly search the reference books for a point missed out, students lazily turning pages.

Students loitering around, with confidence, with laziness, or with futility?

Students wishing each other last minute good lucks, students walking coolly into the exam hall.

Students with their heads on the table after the paper's done, students still searching if there's anything left undone.

Students cursing after an exam, sighing after an exam, or those who just pull it off with stoic.

Students bursting out their faults when the papers handed in, students smiling hysterically though their heart says otherwise.

Exams, what more do they do?

I felt time stop during the add math paper today. Ironically, I did not have enough of time.

I also felt a feeling of surrender from the class when Bro John said"15 minutes left" No rushing, no flipping of papers....Silence.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I love the whole word...and all its craziness!!

That's the thing about BRATs.

You go into the field without a scrap of knowledge on balloon sculptures. Then, by the end of the day, you're giving people pointers on how to twist balloons.

Take this young lady for example:

With her is her proud work- a balloon rabbit!

All these were made by BRATs with no past experience of balloon twisting whatsoever, before that day la.

Original Second Hand CDs (for a cheap price!), T-shirts and handmade bookmarks(excluding lamination) for sale

The attendance for this event was well, below and above expectations ==

At first, I thought there wouldn't be a lot of people at the event. But as I got into FRIM, I saw quite a lot of people. So I had my hopes up.

This looks promising.

But well, it couldn't level that of a concert or I dunno, political rally?

Doesn't look like much huh?

Another thing noteworthy, some of the BRATs were told to do face-painting, also without any past experience.

Obviously the face painting stall

Done by Louise. Not bad eh? Though a little smudged.

Isabelle with a new monicle. o.0

There was also our game stall. Pretty good response ;). I won a bookmark. HeeHee.

So, we didn't get to do the STOMP nor the boom-de-yada, but WTH. It still went on GREAT!

We got free Ayamas lunch==, met more BRATs, from senior,junior to even a soon-to-be~, had fun, camwhored!!, signed a petition to protect turtles, met Stephanie Chai in person o.0, indulged in popcorn and cotton candy( I didn't though ==), learned new things (now we can be clowns =D), went on nature walk(that was cut short =/) and well, just got ourselves out into the great outdoors =) something new from all that tv,computer etc.

About the nature walk, learnt some interesting things ;). We got to touch this silicified tree, really smooth, like marble, eventhough it was originally a tree!

Soon, well, the walk got slow..and we decided to head off early. And camwhore==

None of the photos with me though =(. Gotta snag them from Facebook.

Cool T-Shirts I bought from our own stall ^^"

Go Green, people!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coconuts grow on sand

Went to 1U today for our BRATs Wrold Environment day preparations. And I got LOST. For HALF AN HOUR. >< Photos! Took all of us who showed up. Or at least, us that showed up before I left. Had tuition =/




Andrian in deep thought lol


Louise's younger brother, Peter aka the voice in Tristan's head. Her sister's beside him. They, for some reason, volunteered to stay behind with us while we did work.

Wei Li

Our banner^^ It caused a whole heck of trouble for us, trying to find a place to keep it when it was lunch time. OK, I know its simple la.==

P.S. The title of this post is an inside joke between the few of us who showed up today. ^^ it got Tristan swearing at me.==

The After Party

Cheers! I have uploaded the photos from last Sunday's Yellow House Celebration ^^ Sadly, I didn't bring my camera down from the bus when we went horse-riding so I only have photos of when we in Yun Yee's house. I don't plan on blogging about it already =P. Just let these few photos do any talking they can. I expected more hype honestly =/ but beggars can't be choosers, as I wasn't that hype myself that day==

People surrounding the barbeque. Yum. Bbq-ing is fun! And a fine test of heat endurance ==

Pei and Tian Yong

Pei and Tian Yong (Take 2)

Pei (still holding her bowl of..calamari?) and Me

This would be the...patio? of Yun Yee's house

Pei and Tian Yong (take 3) this time with BOOZE

Me and Lyn went on this camwhoring frenzy to try and get the perfect shot of us. So you will now see many images of us.^^

There were actually more failed photos of us that I deleted. =/ Lyn's evil twin. happens I wore a dark coloured shirt and Lyn a light c0loured one.

靖! wow..Brrr *shivers* So cooold..That expression, so hostile. Never seen you this cold before.LOL, I remember what seng yew said about this in tuition just now ^^. It's candid btw.

Ling Ming. He and Khai Xian got forced to sing karaoke together.

See the happy couple

Another 2 victims

At least they seem to be enjoying it =/

That's all folks. Hope the photos said enough^^

Friday, June 5, 2009

Burning Rubber

I haven't uploaded the photos of the Kuning Party into my computer yet but here are long overdue photos from Sports Day! Glory Rumah Kuning!

Getting ready for our costumes

The fire skirts and tubes drying on the slope

Our khemah (bare)

Me. Pei and Huey Ching. Black finger nails! 0.0

Close up of my dyed hair ^^

I<3my streaks!

Purple! Aliens!

RED! Pinnochio

Green! Durian Army

Last but not least, Blue Wolves!

Now for photos during Teacher's Day:

My class' notice board^^

The other board. Those little caricatures of teachers done by yours truly, though incomplete and in need of updating.

En Bakri and Pn Susan

Standing Tall

The Christmas tree

Wen emo-ing =P

The banner thing that I can't read without squinting my eyes and focusing

The band

The AWESOME present 3A2 08 got for Pn Chee

Dance performance from Kelab Kebudayaan

Teachers performing

Xin Ying, Shu Ling and me posing with SL's ice-cream