Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Day

Today(28th February)was a pretty great day, at least the day spent in school.^^

For guides, the Form 4 batch(my batch), excluding Marissa== who had to oversee the 2nd Class exam, had to "plant" grass. By plant, I mean do turfing on the land behind the lodge and transfer the grass patch there to the front.

One part of the barren field.
This was caused by cars moving in and out when the field was muddy.

Next off, we had to make a fence first. So take the erm..wood poles from our store and hammered them into the ground. Me, Jia and Lilin were fooling around by saying that our permit will rock and then raising our poles and cheering out. Then, Ellie and Su-Wern were using those poles as canes to dance the Charlie Chaplin kind of dance.

And you know what happened? Ellie lost grip of the pole and it fell into the drain! Now it's stuck there.==

Arh...Pictures of flowers outside the lodge.

Hmm..I initially brought my camera totake pictures during the award ceremony. But then, since we're planting grass, I can use that for the alam sekitar part of my moral project =D. So now, you may seem many repetitive photos of different people doing the same task.

Li Lin


Pei Jia

Jia again

Le Yi




Jia again o.0

Li Lin

Shu Ling and Xin Ying

Lyn ^^


clockwise from right: Shu Ling, Li Lin, Xin Ying and Su-Wern

Jia and Shu Ling

Li Lin
Jia and Me

Jia and Li Lin


Clockwise from right: Shu Ling, Le Yi, Ellie, Su-Wern and Xin Ying.

Watering plants


Le Yi


Jia with cangkul





Li Lin

Then after that,we had to duty for the PIBG meeting. So after changing into our full-us and getting a quick bite, we had to carry papers and bookets done to the hall. Then, we also carried our plaques from the Bilik Gerakan. 靖's plaque didn't have the Alicia on it, only "Chung Hue Ching". Lol. We carried the plaques down together so we managed to do some talking ^^. After that, we had to gather outside the hall,,preparing the booklets. There were too registration counters, one for teachers and one for parents. So, we mostly just stayed there while people kept streaming in. More talking was done^^. Photos:

OK, so here are the pics of us dutying at the counters. The counters with Alica, Sonia, Jing Wen, Jun Ly, Me, Li Lin and Yong Jia is for the teachers. Then, the one with Marissa,Shu Ling and Xin Ying is for the parents.

Soon, someone suddenly came out and said the Top 50 have started lining up. So, me, Sonia and Li Lin went into the hall. All the time we were worried whether we should march up to receive our prizes and if we do march, should we hormat. When lining, Pn Joyce and Pn Teh were there and they said my hair was messy. OK, I know it is=.=. So I had to neaten it. In the end, we did march and we did hormat. No photos were taken of us. T.T And for some reason, when it was my turn,my applause was really loud. I suspect sarcasm. Afterwards, the rest of us went up to take their awards too. Me and Yong Jia went near the stage to take photos. I saw Lily there, apparently Aaron couldn't make it so she had to take the photos herself.

Seng Yew

Blurred Pic of Kairou



Jing Wen



I couldn't take the rest of you because by that time, we had other things to do.

After that, the students xould leave. We then had to get ourselves busy. go take food(for ourselves), fill up drinks...Somehow I made my way to the round table and whadda ya know, I see 3A1'08 people there. There were all taking photos. That was a touching sight, even if not everyone was there. I guess we would miss each other more in Form 4 than we thought.

Me and Pn Phang

Me, Nick, Hong Ken and June Weng

Photos from Nick's Iphone:

Suat Li and Jia Yee

Suat Li and Nick

Suat Li, Hong Ken and me
Suat Li and Duncan

This is from Chun Yeen's camera:

From left: Hong Ken, Nick,Ying Ying, Me,June Weng, Yao Ting, Duncan

That's all the photos I could get at the moment. Will try to get from more people.

After photo taking, went back to the hall. Helped with the jamuan and got to eat the leftovers==.

At first, me, Alicia, Lyn and Wen promised to take a photo together. Then, Lyn left== for tuition at about 3. After the ceremony ended, Wen left too(I told her Lyn left). So it was me and Ali left. And the 2 of us must at least have a pic of each other. My mum came already. Told Ali that I will go take my bag at the lodge first. She said we'll take a photo after I come back. Upon reaching canteen, got pulled into brief YE discussion. Saw Ali waiting outside. Signalled her about my prediament and I guess she went in first. After that was done, went in the hall. They were giving out bottles. Told Ali I had to go soon. And she seemed really indecisive(?) on what to do. Her decision: she put down the bottles and drag Stephanie to be our photographer. =D

Me and Alicia ^^

Today was a good day. For the grass-planting: we actually did something as a batch and we had fun! ^^Usually, only the COH gets involved. Though I had to listen to a small discussion on Junior/Permit Camp with Cyhthia, Jue and Sonia, the part of grass "planting", photo taking was well, to describe this, niceee.

And then, for the PIBG thing. Those of us who had duty erm, interacted more. Me and Worm talked to each other somewhere else than online. Actually, this day could be the one where we had to most conversations, where we talked to each other the most. =D *cheers*

Conclusion: The time spent in school from about 8+ till 4.10 was great.

I got tuition later, so me and wen were reallly tired and nothing went in. We had to be in school from the morning.

And my bro annoyed me at home==.

Oh yeah! I passed BRATS! Going off to Melaka! Just hope my letter(registration kit) gets here in time.>< -Zhi Min-