Saturday, January 30, 2010

When all you got to keep is strong, move along, move along

Today is crap.

Because yesterday was even lousier crap.

And I don't care if it is your day.

It's significance to me has been overshadowed by my ever fluctuating emotions.

And I have no role to play here anyway.

On another note, running releases stress quite effectively, too bad it doesn't last after the run.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Throw up your arms, into the sky ~

I actually managed to do all the things on my mental list today X D:

1)Go for the 2 interviews

2)Sat for and entrance exam

3)And played frisbee

All before 4pm. Nice~

And I had fun.

Though I still need running kakis =. ="

P.S: Yu Li, if you see this before I tell you in school tomorrow anyway, you were right. I wrote 1 XD.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do you know what's worth fighting for?

And so, Gerko Day or as it is now called, Hari Pendaftaran Gerko (ugh? not catchy) has come to an end yesterday.

Like what others have mentioned or written in their blogs, it's the last Gerko day for us F5s. >< And it was fun or at least not a total waste of time X D. And I get to ponteng. Though I went back for physics. Lol, better scrape up the oppurtunity to learn while I can still understand Bro John Teehee~

This year ah, the overall atmosphere seemed pretty toned down this year. At least it got much better in the afternoon. KRS,Scout, BSMM did a parade around the hall. Me and Ming Jean acted like fools, blowing whistles and shouting(to no avail=.=) And many other shiok sendiri moments, one involving a halo. Join Girl Guides and you go to heaven? X D

This year, I got quite ample time to view all the stalls because I needn't duty Yay! Didn't hang around GG booth earlier that day. So potong only. =.= Went to photography and learned some basics of the DSLR~ Chun Yeen's poison has affected a bit after all haha X D Went to Ed Board booth to resign up lol? And the envelope is very original Yay edboard~ Went over to olahraga to admire my stickman haha. And mostly just made many many rounds around the dewan.

Cleaned up, hanged around lodge. Got Han Lin creeped out with the book "Feeders and eaters" from Neil Gaiman's Fragile things. She didn't finish, I told her the rest of the story=.=. Made a phone call that ended up with my two juniors laughing.

Oh man will I miss it =(.

Today was like the results of the gerko team's hardwork. Me and Le Yi spent the morning trying to memorise our new recruits' names =. = Had the usual games, and total SS. Played a few rather boring rounds of Mafia and Killer. Not enough people LAR. Ish. When S2 plays more exciting. Hm Hm.

Are we satisfied?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today was better X)

Didn't get to hike though.

And the only job I got was restorer of print-and-paper?=. =


Happy 17th Birthday, LYN!!

X D You are so lucky la.

Monday, January 11, 2010

You're in ruins....

Today was supposed to be a relatively good day.

I got myself a locker and things were just going fine.

Then, my locker got taken back =. ="

There was this highly conceited email ( Like WTH?)

And a dose of the reality I had been ignoring came back to remind me.

Should I feel =. = or upset?

Well, the latter feeling is apparently more dominant.

Friday, January 8, 2010

We Are Golden X )

Pre-exam trauma must have gotten to the heads of my fellow S2 classmates... Or maybe it's just the back-to-school hype.

Let's see why:

1) Class cleaning duties started like immediately on the 2nd day after school reopened.(Shan En as KK FTW =0=)

2) A few of us are racing to the labs to get the good seats up front o.0.

3) Me, E-Jia, Hui Li and Yu Li decided to run to the Physic Lab today to get seats.

4) We didn't run in the end but asked Pei to save seats for us ;).

5)Hui Li actually tried to block Pei She from going to the lab =. =

6) I bought a small container of cookies for Rm 17 to have during meeting just now. T-T

7) Zhong Wei and Ye Shan suddenly broke out into the chorus of Two is Better than One during Math lesson. (Was is Math?==)

8) Ding Wei sneaked past Pn Shan before she came into class and she didn't notice!Well, she doesn't recognise us yet la.

9) Ding Wei turned himself in to Pn Shan. o.0 Cuz well, she knew someone was out already==.

10) We spent our free time in class copying ming ju!

11) E-Jia challenged Jia Jun to a ming ju copying contest==.

12) We never slept during Brother J's period, can understand summore!

13)Ye Shan attempted an assault on Bro. just now lol!

14)People already planned out a study timetable o.0

15)People stayed behind late(a bit lar)during recess to rush a karangan

16) 4S2 bagus but 5S2 no OOMPH!

17) People everywhere are carrying diaries/planners and notebooks.

18) Me, EJ, HL and YL named our diaries and/or notebooks. My diary is called Meryl(or Mary) and the notebook Fiona =) YL has David Jr, the offspring of her David from last year X).

19)We're thinking of a SPM countdown ....thing already...And it's like what? The first week of school?

20) A lot of classmates are carrying Success-type reference books to school already!

Walao, so lame XD. And it's only the first week back.

And yeap, that's a Mika song there as the title. Should be our theme song this year RAWR.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Eyes on the Prize

The first day back was nice =).

Missed good ol' S2.

Everything seems the same, even our 4 main AJK remained. Though a few minor changes in teachers.

Time to kickstart the school year!