Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back from camp. Surprise surprise, I'm not sleeping yet. o.0 And I gotta revisit school again 2moro = =.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Huh...Like less than 12 hours and it's camp time...Gotta get ready...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Staring back at blank cases,

Stepping on broken shards.

Groping at flightless dreams,

Seeing them turn into dust.

Never amounting to anything,

Gazing at this empty past,

Thinking I might I have achieved something,

Only to fall back into the dark.

Chasing wild dreams,

Thinking new thoughts,

Imagining new wonders,

Only to have them rot.

Trying to catch up,

Falling further behind,

Pacing myself,

To one day reach the finish line.

Arrogant stares,

Ignorant looks,

Threatening glances,

Pressure enhances.

Whispers all there,

Shadows lurking,

Then disappear into thin air,

Just take it like I was never there.

Here now,

Seeing new wings form,

There’s a new dawn,

For me to hold on.

But the path,

Splits in two,

So in the end,

Will I have to choose?

Forced by the will to succeed,

To fulfill the long high school reverie,

A one-time chance to lead,

To bring fourth the visionary.

Never wanted to back down,

Fed up with those stares,

To show I deserve that crown.

To hell with what they care.

Yet chains have forced me to the ground.

The void will engulf me.

Finding my true self,

May be the way to free me.

Back at the crossroads,

Two halls loom before me,

I know I have to endure more,

Now to open the door.

Friday, November 21, 2008

One of the stupidest things I've done this year would be...:

Showing my mum my gerko marks too soon...

Plain idiotic since it just brings more stupid crap into my life that I have to endure.

Life sucks sometimes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Argh! My to-be opposite neighbour says it took them 2 months to install the phone!!!!!!!

2 bloody months!!! How can I NOT go online for 2 bloody months!!!!!!!!!!

Please please please have a phone line when we move~~~~~~~

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lyn, how could you?!

Me: ..Hey lyn, it's Zhi Min ah. You know what day it is?

Lyn: Huh?

Me: Do you know what day it is or not?

Lyn: Sunday la...

Me: = =...16th of November ar...

Lyn: Oh... oh! Yeah hor...

Me: See la! And she kept on saying that you would remember!

Lyn: (Laughs)

Well...hope you remembered to call Wen ah, Lyn. Make her happy! ^^ Don't let her hope for nothing! 6 minutes left! Hope you enjoyed your bday , Wen~

Birthday wishes

Here to wish a wonderful 15th Birthday to:

3A1 classmates Ang Hui Li and Wong Vooi Keat! Have a great birthday you two!

And also a happy 15th to Kwan Hui Wen!

Who I met in English tuition 6 or 9 years ago( I can't remember) and then we goofed off together

Who I seem to be in a love-hate relationship with

Who now goes to CHS with me though we've never been in the same class

Who I spend recess with(together with lyn of course ;)

Who loves Lyn the most! Muahahaha. Too bad you can't see this =P

Who ignores me in tuition =(

Then finds me to console her= =

Who forgot my birthday even though I always remember hers!

Yup! One of my really good/best friends, though we never proclaimed that in front of each other= =

Once again,

Happy Birthday, Wen!

-Zhi Min-

Eic wishes~ Wish for me too on your cake ah^^"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Annual Achiever's Showcase-Photos(2)

At the Hotel:

Hotel Landscape thing

The glasses at the hotel restaurant

Cream of Zucchini soup..Yuck! Too bitter for my liking

Yummy~ Dessert

Hong Ken and Wai Leem

A product from another school(displayed at their booth)

Jia Yee on the bus

At Citibank:

Trying to push KB down

Finally ...done with these photos.... Phew

Monday, November 10, 2008

Annual Achiever's Showcase-Photos

At the Auditorium of Wisma MCA:

Achievers from another school

More achievers

Rachael and me

Sonia and Weng Ming (are they an item now???)0.0 Yeah..Sonia cut her hair =D

Hong Ken has a handphone!!~Whoo~*Faints in disbelief...

A past achiever(like more than 10 years ago..= =) giving his speech

The Chairman of AMCHAM

The 2 was pretty dark at their corner= =


Kai Boon and Christine giving their presentation

Few Clips from their slideshow:

Hong Ken with blazer~ Doesn't he look cooler without the tie? =D

Svian Enterprise doing choral speaking 0.0

Xin Yi and Chen Nyap receiving best product award

Christine and Sharon receiving Best Annual Report Award

Song Jun with Best Use of ICT 2nd Runner-Up

Best Product Award

MD and Asst.MD receiving Best Enterprise Award~

Most Profitable Stall Award(for Sunway Pyramid Sales)

Best Enterprise!

Kai Boon getting Best Achiever Award(Best in C-nergy)

Most Profitable Stall(transparent trophy)

Going up stage for group photo of all winners

See that guy in the green shirt whose kneeling? He strongly resembles Nick! Haha! Aiyah, this photo not clear.

All winners

The Us ambassador to M'sia

At the C-nergy Booth outside auditorium

C-nergy Enterprise!


Kai Boon's being lifted up

Yes Yes..CHS loves the stage~