Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here comes the next birthday post ~ ^^

This one is for my little sister, who in reality, is older than me lol

Wow, amazing leh. Do you know you have actually gone through an evolution process? You see ah, in the beginning, I used to called you Worm, which is of course quite low down in the food chain. Then, you “evolve” into a monkey/penguin, both more bigger and advanced animals la. And now, you are my lil sis, which is a human la of course haha~ Thus, you have grown this past few years XD!


004 Your new companion ^^

Well, of course reminiscing also not needed here. Our bond of friendship was linked through the Internet. And not unlike with Lyn, it only started growing stronger the later years of high school.



Notice the difference in these two pictures o.0

Seriously, we’ve been through quite a lot together, whether we liked it or not X). And yet, nothing makes us feel more connected than spending the long nights in front of the computer together, going through endless topic changes. Too bad that doesn’t happen recently, with you working and me studying =(. I look forward to our long conversations again. >=)


o.0 Why all our pictures have relations to guides one? Did you know notice lol? But then, so much of our stories happened there, would not be right to not include it in the post ^^.

There were good times and there were…less-than-good times. But, knowing you, that’s just all a part of you growing up X). Hopefully I stay long enough on this journey to see you through it =).

I hope you enjoyed the weather today. A whole day of rain to commemorate your big day. But remember to always look out for the rainbow that comes after.

Happy 18th Birthday, Hue Ching =P

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I think 18 is a significant age, isn't it? It represents that one has really ventured into adulthood,though 21 would usually mean total freedom. But since this is the first year not being in high school anymore and that the world may end next year, I have decided to write birthday tribute posts to some close and special friends of mine for their 18th birthdays. =D

First, and I guess by far the eldest in my list is my twin, and fellow domestic farm animal , Low Jun Lyn!!

(Sorry ah, I stole this from your fb =P)

You know, buddy, the first thought that went through my mind when I saw you today was, *sigh of relief* "Thank god, Lyn is still the same". Haha, I didn't know what I was expecting but since everyone seems to be undergoing changes once leaving high school, you didn't seem to be an exception. What a relief when I saw the same old bag and the usual bottle carrier ^^. And what a fool I am to think you would undergo any drastic transformation so soon. Guess I was expecting more flamboyant attire.

Well ok, I'm sure I don't have to repeat how we met and all that crap since it's been repeated like 129023873 times already. Just that the memories we had were all pretty =. ='. Like our very memorable maggi mee incident in camp and later, the stairs incident that reintroduced ourselves XD.

It really is amazing and funny, I remembered I proclaimed us as twins for having the same birthDATE but not the same birthMONTH. Yet, we have so many other contradicting factors. You have your strict and firm principles while I usually work based on emotional whims. I go to the college you had initially wanted last time but instead, you go somewhere else. During one interview, I wore closed boots and you wore open-toed sandals, then the next interview, it was vice versa. WTH la haha~

Baa Baa, Meh Meh and Moo Moo? ^^

To think that last time "visiting" you meant climbing the stairs and turning left to the 3rd class on the block, now it would mean really heading off to your place or dropping by your college. How times change =(. But at least, you will for now remain you. But please be less blur or you will really confuse me instead=. =

Good and Evil don't see eye to eye

I pray that our journey together doesn't end yet! I will crash your place once I have an address >.

Last but not least, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ^^

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Frontiers

Woah, I never realised I hadn't blogged here in 2011 yet.

Well, college is finally gonna start in a week X) No more rotting at home. Though I'm pretty sure I will regret not spending the time more wisely while I had the chance.

And I've been working on another blog too. Hopefully one more mature and it will be less personal. More of an informative one, or comical one. We shall see.

But now, I won't reveal it yet. Since it only has one post at the moment. Too young to greet the world just yet.

So, may year 2011 bring luck and prosper to you =D