Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fast Forward

Here comes that time again. Where I sit down, gather all my thoughts and reminisce about the year hat had passed. So now, it's time to think back on the roller coaster ride of 2009.

I probably will repeat what I wrote in the 2008 post, proving how I failed to improve myself and keep whatever promise I made.

The year started with me knowing I got into 4S2. Well, when I saw the name list I was like “O.O! God who are these people?!” Apart from a few closer friends, it felt like I was cast off into foreign land. The awkward first day, the empty seat. Then. Yu Li and Hui Li sat moved behind me and I sat next to E-Jia…

Soon, life in class got so much better XD.

I got to know some people more like YLi and HLi, who both were my classmates in the past, but we never gotten close, and my deskmate, E-Jia who craps with me all day from her JoJo to her Mark X). All 3 of them have been wonderful classmates this year, enlightening me and helping me try to join in. I still remember when you guys practiced interviewing with me =). Thanks so much. <3 <3

Make sure muzz bond nexx ywear X D

Moving on to my classmates. Sure, we seem to say we are not united but if you look close enough, there is inter-clique activity in class. Everyone (almost) seems to be able to mix with everyone. And the guys at the back are always there to entertain. And our class party was quite a success I might say. So there. S2, there’s still another year ahead, don’t spoil it!

Relationships were strained again, some approaching the end of the year too. And most in the midst of patching up. Some still scarred. I never caught up with some friends, due to placing of classes. I met new friends too.

Tis the year, activities started pouring onto me.

Joined Yellow House marching. Rekindled the yellow spirit. (Kuning Fire!). Did crazy dance moves. Coaxed two people to spend the night sleeping at the BSMM room. (==) Saw the raw emotion and spirit of CHS-ians during Sports Day. Will get the crown back next year XD.

Stayed back in school a lot. For activities that might pop up.

Was half hearted about certain things I felt gung-ho about at first. Ah, regret =(

Finally, got a shot at Ed Board. Please no more strike outs.

And then girl guides. Where the journey to my goal, grew more and more hazard. Where obstacles rose to their peak. Where new dangers await.  Yet, also where true comrades show. Where friendship is cherished. Where bonds are gained =).

I said things I regret. I had too lofty and as I think about it now, really ludicrous ambitions.

I sent the closer batch of seniors off without really sending them off properly. I never got to know them more. I probably disappointed some. I have to live up to one. =)

I joined BRATs! X D Awesome people. At least in there, you don’t worry about conflicts and such. Everyone just wants to have fun. Sadly though, I missed the Year End Journey. =( *Heart stings*)

I must always remind myself to seize every chance, to take the leap, go for that moment, because you never know when you’ll ever get the chance again.

Manage myself properly><. My grades plummeted at the final exam. Ish. And I missed and wil miss so much more lessons next year.

Achieve my goal. And let it end on a happy note.

Go through the journey with a smile on my face and to never let you fall behind, nor fall behind you. For what’s the point, If I suffered to achieve my goal? And what’s more the point if I achieve it alone?

Mend what I had broke. Friendships, promises…etc

Enjoy every moment I get!

All in all, be a better person.


2010 , bring it on!


My blog stats have been very low lately =(. They seem to be stuck at 8600-8700, dunno why.

The account of the more eventful thing that happened these few days XD.
24th December 09

This was the BAKP celebration turned PMR result release outing =. =. Since my comrades of camp all couldn't make it or pulled out suddenly, it became me, worm, Han Lin, Ming Jean, Kei Li and Huiwen only who went. Pui San was out, then in then out again finally due to lack of mood=. = As Jia describes it" Papa, Mama and 4 children, with HL as eldest son lol!

So while the Form 3s were waiting for their results, I was running about getting permission slips issued, supposedly the job of said someone who dumped it on me for tuition. Grrr >< After that, spent like an hour, adding simple deco to the lodge. Pretty simple till unnoticable=. =

Then like about 12(?) the results finally came out. Brings back memories of last year =). So happy for them ^^ and the rest who were disappointed, it's alright, just stand up and fight again. Form 4 is different from those past 3 years~. Didn't take photos of those moments, should have >< then Pei wouldn't have that much trouble~

Hehe Ming Jean and Kei Li headed off first, leaving me, Hl and Hw waiting for Alicia.....Got so restless that we called her..and got no answer -. - Finally went to Kanna for lunch till she appeared. Walao la, MJ and KL were already at Sunway by then.

After a bus ride, finally made it, met up with them and went skating~

Took photos in the skate rink, though cameras actually aren't allowed X D Teehee

Sighs, evil camera so shaky ><

25th December 2009

Christmas~ Steamboat with the family for dinner X D

26th December 2009

Went to Rumah Hope with Guides. o.0 Kids are hard to get to these days. Wonder if Hui Li and gang experienced the same thing, though their photos said otherwise. Even called Hui Li for advise lol! But I would think it got better with them at the end, yes it did =0= And the place really quite nice. Most have lots of sponsors haha.

28th December 2009

Went to Sunway Pyramid with Le Yi. Saw Avatar. Wow, nice nice graphics ^^. Met many people there too.

29th December 2009

Went to HQ for Khidmat Presentation.. But thenm I didn't need to present already haha! And Pn Tek seems to forgot about my log peribadi. Ah Hm, never mind, more time to do it ~ And now, I have phone calls to make >< Next 3 months will be so hectic o.0

30th December 2009

Bro's orientation in school lo. Could have gone to sunway with the juniors. But didn't. Could have gone to MV too. But didn't. Thank god I didn't X D. Got to be reacquainted with Wen who I only saw like 2 times this month== Which is very few considering how often we used to see each other. Took pictures in the hall but no poin la upload them here. Same as usual. Though the slide shows were cool. So proud to be in CHS X D. And during the prefect's rules slide, crayon shin chan is counted as pronography lol.

Tomorrow's the start of a new year o.0 Gasp, and I didn't feel like I was having much of a holiday. I seem to go to school everyday also==. Will blog on 2009 later.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Under the mistletoe


Merry Christmas, people X D!!

Got stuff to blog about but I didn't upload the photos yet. So, I'll just post this greeting and be off ~

Steamboat Yum X)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

when you get what you want, but not what you need

I'm now sick. >< Is this from stress (if any)?

Haha, but I really need some peace of mind T_T I can never live a day now without worrying about folios to complete, or studies not caught up with. Ish! The thing is, it's all thought and no action. Typical Zhi Min. Haha! Sighs *smacks head*

Survived camp! Finally, it's (almost) over.Still got log book to do. >< It turned out erm, alright. We didn't expected the unexpected. We brought almost everything yet could still forget studd. Ahem Ahem. People got along ok, thank god XD. This was unexpected, in a good way. I sucked, as usual....== But whatever~

So now, photos~
The lovely lovely river next to the campsite~

People sitting around the table

The sink lo obviously

Sad nia, later the flagpole had to be "renovated"

The skrin that gave us all one hell of a headache >< Sun XD

Taken during jungle trekking~

Rubber trees, also when jungle trekking

Another HOPE moment X D

View of the mountains

Upon reaching the river, we started cooking our lunch. Didn't have much time though. So only managed to cook like 2 packets of noodles==

Marissa, Huiwen and Lilin

There was this craft session at night, where the 4 candidates had to teach all 4 groups certain crafts. I did windmill. My group was like so syiok sendiri, we kept laughing to ourselves XD

Permainan luas, where I tortured them to do some very stupid things==

Playing on a rock wow o.0

Now fixing a puzzle

Soon, we embarked on our journey to the HotSprings~

Han Lin, Jia, Alicia K, Huiwen soaking their legs

The Mountain Spring

CHS Guides invade the Hotsprings!

HOPE clan + Han Lin XD

The 4 candidates plue Pn Tek and Miss Margaret~~

Camp went on pretty well, with a few bumps here and there. I know my group provided a lot of entertainment, especially you Le Yi, though you probably won't read this. Thanks for keeping the smiles on our faces X).

Hopefullly we get to go out ah~...Please work ><

Someone come over .........Please~

Sunday, December 20, 2009

will blog when I have a WORKING KEYBOARD!! ISH!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

There's Still HOPE

I don't feel like blogging lately cuz things I would blog about have photos with them and uploading photos takes sooo long. So, putting it off till later =. =

Time to continue being seemingly optimistic~

May it not rain during camp~

May everything run smooth in camp~

May everyone survive camp without harm~

May everyone be happy during camp

May the dark cloud of emo not befall anyone~

May we not leave anything behind -at school before camp and at the campsite after camp~

Leave any unhappy memories behind

Tomorrow I will go make 晴天娃娃 XD What's the harm eh?

Lyn: When are you free to come over? And I... don't...mind... Aik Zuan coming along =. =

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I never liked giving out opinions in situations like these. This would further lead to explanations, advancing further into arguments, then more defending and explaining. Tiring. Futile.

Mere words always made a bigger impact on me than actions. And those stung.

As I sat staring speechless at the desktop screen, I had to force to go through the whole thing. Now this one dark cloud looms over me. That of Regret.

So many wrong moves taken.

Uncontrolled emotions unravelled.

But, I still think there was a point we all never made done. Quite vital I think. I don't know. Just MHO.

Should have stayed silent.

I don't want and don't know how to continue. I lay this at peace here.

Should have stayed in the dark.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Angels didn't catch YOU

Finally, I made myself click the "New Post" button ><.

So let's see, starting from last Friday. A trip to Sunway Lagoon with the family. Wow, I haven't been there in..dunno how long=. =.

Extreme Park- wasn't so extreme. And I was accused of not being able to manoeuvre an ATV ><

Scream Park- About the same as the Genting one.

Later on, headed in to Sunway Pyramid to look for The Last Olympian at MPH. Nada ><

Saturday, hiking at Taman Pertanian Shah Alam.

Eh, the tedious journey there was....unnecessary. Yes, we could have just taken the LRT instead of switching from bus to KTM en-route to KL Sentral. And I supposed both sides were unhappy somehow with their condition. Walkers of course, had to walk=. = without prior knowledge of the park. So they must have got bored easily and called me....Then, us who cycled ah, must have angered the Spirits of the Watch Tower that day! Five fell victim to the slopes of the Walk. With Worm suffering the worst. Muahaha~ Hm, next time should seek permission before heading up to see the watch tower =. =

Actually, why are the cycling routes and the bus routes the same? Isn't that very unsafe???? So they just expect us to skirt to the side everytime a vehicle shows up? And no safety gear? Or should we have brought our own~~ Maybe the authorities thought it was only a leisurely cycle for tourists? Not really loh. The place really needs maintenance. Mum was right ><

The best part was the camwhoring XD


Sunday Night - PJYCO Concert, Music Splendour.

Ming Jean gave me, Pui San, Nydeaa and Kei Li free tickets to her orchestra's concert. So, we went lo~ Worm was supposed to go too. Then, she fell on Sat so was not deemed well enough to go out yet.

I actually saw a lot of CHS-ians there, both from the performers and spectators.

Performers: Ming Jean, Chun Yeen, Sian Wei, Kyle, Chun Keat, Agnes, Jia Yee, Ray Aun, Wenkai, Kai Yik~~etc

Spectators: Me, Pui San, Nydeaa, Kei Li, S3 people- (Amy, Shao Wei, Sabrena, Yu Song, Ching Yeap, Cheng Zhi), Yin Suan, Rachel, Melody, Li Anne, Le Yi XD

Nice music. Especially the pieces at the back. So I guess as Ming Jean says, this concert passesXD.