Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time Well Wasted

Remember how last year, you spent worrying about what ifs and what nots, also on what to comes. How you used to fret over obstacles that with just the right amount of determination and effort, you could handle. Then, you would stop and wonder to yourself, why did you have the need to worry in the first place.

Remember how things usually fall into place (though not so perfectly but they ended up well in the end anyway) despite all your horrifying premonitions and plagued thoughts.

Despite everything, you made it through. =D

And you will again, Soh Zhi Min, so work hard, believe strongly and let fate handle the rest. ;)

btw, PERKUB was fun, exceeded expectations X D. The wonders of setting low hopes.

And it's funny how at the same place with different people, you could be in totally different moods. Time wasted well with the F4s yesterday. Don't screw up on Saturday ah you TWO!

Friday, March 12, 2010

When the world's crashing down. When I fall and hit the ground

Judging from the dates of previous blog posts, the weekends always seem to be where I get more compared to weekdays. Or maybe I just don't have time to blog then. ==

Anyway, as today is a weekend. And a Friday to boot. Time for a more thoughtful post! And more of a ranting one too .X)

One thing.

One thought in my head that stops me from going all out to verbally assault and belittle someone.

To prevent me from releasing the bottled anger accumulating inside.

To stop me from being the psychopath, hostile, aggressive, cruel, spiteful (etc..) person that I am. ( Yes, I truly am like that X)

Is the constant reminding that there are two sides to every story.

Every person would have their own perspective of things. Why they do this. Why they say this. It would all come down to the way they think of things. So this would be why I seem to have the urge to analyse how people act. Though not to very good results. I need more practice haha.

Anyway, you wouldn't know how another person is thinking. The reasons for their actions have a tale behind themselves.You may get angry, you may dislike someone, you may get fed up with somethings and some people. But you may not know their stories, their background, their reasons. So, could you just blindly judge something based one side of the facts?

Well apparently you can. Because that's how most of the world works.

So when you get pissed off at someone/something, calm down, suck it up and try to think for a while about all the things they might have gone through. Try to empathise and walk away. Even if they serve no reason for your empathy, screw it and still walk away. You are better than that.

In conclusion, I should just keep my opinions to myself.

And I'm so happy for seniors who did well for SPM, especially the one who apparently screwed up studies in school and got 12 As in the end o.0.

P.S If you taste freedom, why do I feel impending DOOM?


Rain On My Parade

Now that first term exams are over, meaning March hols are here.

And what do the March hols bring along?

A bit of this:

A chunk of this:

And a lot of this:

Yay? T.T