Friday, August 24, 2012


I would be lying if I said I'm alright with all this, that I don't feel the slightest bit left behind seeing everyone else gearing up for uni, moving on to the next phase of their lives. Having been the one who tries to get the low-down in advance, who always tries to stay in the pack, or ahead of it, I'm really not accustomed to being the one left here stagnant, while everyone is progressing. Typically Asian of me, to think that tertiary education is the only path forward. It sort of is now. But it's not the only Direct path after A-levels, I'm sure knowledge can be acquired anywhere, through any experience in life. That's what the gap year is for, isn't it? I chose this, because so many things would be missed out if I didn't take this year(or half a year) off to just do something else with my life. Yet, I am missing out on other things, even now.

Oh yes, A-Level results were released last Monday. Building up to that day, I was probably getting random anxiety attacks. Even dreamt about an F in Math :O. They turned out to good, really good. More could have been done(in terms of percentile). But it really is good enough, I am relieved.