Thursday, September 30, 2010


A caterpillar goes through its weakest and most vulnerable moment as a cocoon before finally completing it's transformation into a butterfly.

I always believed that things happen for a reason.

And everything that's happening right now, is also happening for a reason.

So no matter how badly I did, I just have to accept that it's like that for a reason. And well, just suck it up and move on. Though it wouldn't sting that bad if money wasn't involved ><.

Though being at a very vulnerable and devastating moment right now, at least when this metamorphosis is done, I will emerge stronger.

Ready to take flight.

For such a somber mood, I am actually talking about the most trivial thing in the world: Exams. EPIC PHAIL la me.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Head Straight Chin Up

I have nothing in particular to blog about..So I shall just ramble. =0

1)From observation, exams seem to have made the class somewhat livelier and at least there’s more interaction because of the different sitting plan. Be it because of stress, discussions or plans for post-exam activities, there’s seems to be some hype around class. Hopefully it lasts after exam because:

2) I feel very worried about the things that have to be done then =/. Shirt DIE DIE!

3) I feel nervous about tomorrow…>< DIe Die…Thousands of ringgits to gain or blow off.

4) I heard some good news about my English. Hopefully it’s true =0.

5)The dreaded exam week is done. But an even bigger terror lurks tomorrow =(

6)Ice Cream Mooncake Yum =3

7)Needs to study for interview =________=

Friday, September 3, 2010


My fellow generation of teens and myself are wasting away our lives each day.  Especially now with the current examinations going on. It was bad enough as it is on a normal school day, now I see my classmates rather involuntarily and subconsciously donating the time they have to work on their studies. It was hard enough to get their attention on a regular basis, now I feel like I’m trying to talk to a wall… maybe the wall would be a better respondent…

This is a sad sad scene. This not only just puts everything on hold, it’s a bloody waste of time. It’s that time again, where a major government exam approaches, I grow weary and start having the sensation to bash the education ministry. What kind of world do we live in now? One should be possess a more liquid system, able to flow according to the drastic and stimulating changes our world goes through. It is a new era, the conventional sometimes doesn’t work out anymore, and it has to step down and make way for the future.

More often than not, I have the urge to just go google some short course or youtube something, like maybe “How to make your own homemade grenade’. But yet, I cannot do so. Because then this pops up “ You have to study” “ You have to do your homework”. It may be a case of utilizing one’s time properly but usually just the slightest thought of studies totally kills of any other mood of alternative learning. Going on to Facebook, blog and Chat is one thing, going on to study and search for information is another experience in itself.  You could just aimlessly log in to facebook and wait for the wall to update, but with studying online , you still need to think. It is ,though with the usage of ICT, still a consuming task. This is from my point of view as a student, and I guess my fellows will feel the same, one just can’t split one self to accommodate that many tasks.

My schooling is disrupting my EDUCATION.

If I had the right and power to any kind of legal information when I wanted to and where ever I wanted to, would I have turned out a better, brighter individual than I am now? Leaves much to ponder.

Anyway, what I just want to say is: Don’t let a flawed system ruin your lives, JUST GO LIVE because the world has that much more to offer you and it would surely teach you more than the mouldy old textbooks =).


Isn’t the elephant adorable =)? <3