Sunday, April 18, 2010

Keep holding on

These two days have been pretty awesome. =D

I must have a promising future as a waiter in the future as serving teachers was actually a very enjoyable task. WTH haha. And got to see seniors return X D

Jie Min.. The only one of her batch who looked at the camera==

Wei Lin, receiving her Academic Achievement award

Later on, me, Hue Ching, Marissa, Kai Xiang and Kian Mun took the LRT to Pasar Seni to look for the stock for their civic project sales. I only found out yesterday that Pasar Seni is where Petaling Street is =__= And it has made me realised how long it has been since I last visited the place. How I miss the food, the comic store and the cheap Chinese bookstore T. T

Anyway, we practically walked all four sides of the place to search for stock. And we entered one place again by accident.

(Oh no! I just lost one important piece of info, and it's most likely in school T.T)

Today was full of some uncomfortable moments =/. And the both of us took more than a hour to find our destination, which was so near. Fail==. Though it was pretty worthwhile, I wanna see those kids again X D

And, omg, will we appear on tv? o.0

Your company is always great X D. Though it seems to indicate a shift in your behaviour. Anyway, good luck tomorrow. ^^

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Would you believe me, would you agree?

I must not be destined to succeed in Sports event. ><

First Cross Country, now Sukan Tara.

Well, Peluru was gotten over and done with (Point!) X D

100m was epic FAIL.

Long jump, I had no idea what happened==.

And 600m was major disappointment. I shouldn't have sprinted so fast at the start (I was actually first ,wth, for that moment==). Then I think I got so surprised I slowed down. HUE CHING overtook me and I started getting more and more behind till I...failed...SIGH

But least I was there =) (?)

And and truth be told, it pains me the most that I lost to YOU. Damnit, this better not turn into another SY/DW dilemma. Though, there are times where I really empathize with him, though I find it very ridiculous myself.


And since when did YOU learn to swear? o.0

Sorry, I screwed. Even when I tried, it was not enough, I didn't give enough and I know it. Yet again. I LAIF

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not we, only you and me

The more I ponder about these things said, the more I feel that it is a whole bunch of BS==.

Am I in fault? Should I be a little more grateful, a bit more appreciative of this so-called consideration they are showing? I am, I believe, to some extent. But not to trust them fully. Because there are still things that point them in the wrong. I actually still doubt the sincerity in their words. Cause well, actions do speak louder than words

It's hard to believe what people say when they don't seem to give a damn in reality. A different mentality, a social catastrophe or as usual, an unread side of the story?

But, no matter, what was never meant to be shall never be. I shall just follow option 2 in my 2 sided story theory and walk away.