Saturday, February 23, 2008


Stepping through the barriers,
I see many faces,
Enemies and fellow crusaders,
All of different races.

All with a common goal,
To destroy the enemy,
With full force...
In one go...

Arrmed with our battalion,
We head on,
The battle awaits..
The storm going strong.

All the time,
We look at them,
Never suspecting this crime.
Until they put on their battle helms.

Anxiety and pressure,
Hiding behind fake smiles,
Friendship is lost,
In this untimely war...

Bonds broken,
Hopes vanish,
Pleasure stolen,
Dreams tarnish.

We knew this would happen,
But we face the risk,
Now all the corpses,
Lay amidst.

Blood ,tears,
Shed aplenty,
Wounds to bare,
Destructed society.

Was this really the way
to go,
For now we wait,
As it starts to snow...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day

I know it's a bit too late for this but....what the heck! It's my blog...

Roses in full grasp,
Chocolates galore,
Nervous glances,
All this I see as I enter the school doors.

How sweet I think,
Couples together hand in hand,
Sharing drinks,
In their own wonderland,

Cards passed around,
Gifts exchanged,
Songs and sound,
Are heard and played.

Not only that,
Friends sharing hugs,
Jokes and smiles,
This must be the Valentine's bug.

This is also the day ,
To commemorate your birth,
I' m sorry that ,
My gift to you was lousy as dirt.

You may not know,
But you're quite special,
A place in my heart,
You are and it I will truly treasure.

Your gift I will make,
When time allows it,
Right now...slowly it will take,
But you know I mean it.

Dedicated to someone you might or might not know...

Monday, February 18, 2008


I stride across the hallway in pure consternation,
The pressure eats up my mind and soul,
I wipe away the perspiratiion,
Hoping I achieve my goal.

Upon reaching the door,
I could already see ,
Tears ever so silent ,
Coming from my so-called enemies.

I mustered all my courage,
And made my way there,
Already knowing,
I would face despair.

The results left me staring ,
My name did not show,
The world become all a blur,
And I knew my end coming slow.

I was alone with noone to hold,
And no one to cry on,
But I know who I am.,
A truly ungrateful friend.

I weeped all the time,
With thoughts of suicide,
With out the slightest care,
For those by my side.

I'm sorry ,my friends
For being down,
When you all were trying to cope,
Trying to give me hope.

But I still wanna say,
I wish you were here,
To make things better,
And to make my mind clear.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Just something to add-in...

I haven't given Puppy her CNY card yet!!!Aargh!!!I have one more day..I still have cards to hand out..Well,2 I can give in tuition...But for puppy,aahhhhh....How am I gonna see her..
1)We're in different classes
2)She has duty
3)She probably doesn't want it anyway
4)I don't have the guts to give it to her......Ok..that's not right....But yeah...AAARGH!!!

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min
Gong Xi Gong Xi...Lameness..

Things are looking up..

Hmm...Just read a pm from Ian about my Ed Board results along with some encouragement and I guess it did cheer me up...Thanks Ian...And now I have the CHS Student Council Preparations to look forward too...

People..Support the establishment of the student council!It's for Democracy in our school!!! WE need LOADS of support from the student body for this thing to commence!!

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min
Viva la CHSSC...

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Yesterday(1st January 2008)
It was really a depressing day for me....We had to do our English presentation turned out ok I guess...Sure Miss Sharmini liked my part...which I did not write at was 90% the original and 10% rephrasing...But the part where I tried doing impromptu sucked so much...Then Le Yi tells me people in her class are insulting me....That...whatever la..

Then..the part that really stung me..My heart still aches...In the canteen, Alicia came to me and said that the Editorial Board BI Dept exam results came out and my name wasn't on it....I felt my world come crashing down on me...I thought she might be joking with me..But's all true...Eight passed and four(that's half!)came from my class and ALL of them were freaking prefects...Is this being bias or did what I write really suck....Another thing,Nick and Tian Yoon didn't pass too..I can't believe Nick didn't pass...Besides Hong Ken, I know his English rules...Could it be because we wrote Black and white or that me and Nick were already known by th CHS Forum(2 members there are from Ed Board-THE BI DEPT HEAD and the sub editor in chief)

I don't know what to do anymore...I knew it would really hurt me if I didn't get in...And it still does...When Le Yi and Hui Wen heard I didn't get in..They were like.."Yay,now you can go to PBM" *rolls eyes* Sheesh...And let's see besides Le Yi,worm and Hong Ken...Nobody else gave any advice or tried comforting me...Not that I really want the whole world to know I failed..but I thought Seng Yew would do some consoling but he didn't care when I sms-ed him about it...As for Puppy, it wouldn't happen anyway...Really emo and depressed...

At least, after school I got to calm myself with drawing at the Creative Club and had some conversation with Tian Yoon..Hope I didn't spread the depression to her...Le Yi and Ellie didn't even know I was there..Today's society is really blind...Then, I saw puppy at the canteen...Talked to Rachael first then talk a bit with Puppy...I can't believe she didn't wish Alicia cuz she couldn't see her...On that day,she saw and Alicia was sooo near(I went to give her her Birthday gift) Another point to what I just said..society is damn blind...Le Yi sang some Guides songs to cheer me up..I love guide songs..they make me happy and *semangat-ed*...On a side note,cross country
was today..Never had a chance..But Yellow house got 2nd...Woohoo...And our yellow house seniors were really sporting...And for the P2 race..1st,2nd and 3rd were bagged by the yellow house..Yay!! The boys didn't do so well though..Haha..Girls rule...Marissa and Alicia have sashes now...Hurray for them..When will I get one? Never maybe...:)...

Maybe I could just go now..the anticipation of joining Ed Board was what was holding me back...Now I can leave...

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min