Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Shoutouts

Here's a birthday shoutout to 2 people who I can say are pretty charismatic =D.

Happy Birthday, Alicia!!
Happy Birthday,Wai Leem!!

*Unfortunately, no photos= =

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dong Dong Dong Dong Chiang

I hear fireworks!

It's Chinese New Year= =.

I wonder if I'll attain my dreams this year..


My msn keeps on disconnecting!!!

I can't have one decent conversation with worm....


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recent Updates

It's been 3 weeks of school already.

Homework keeps on piling up.

Class is so and so( I miss 3A1 badly T-T)

Teachers...some are sowing seeds of hatred in me..( I don't remember hating any 3A1 teachers.. =(

Our class has Chinese New Year atmosphere! Too bad not a lot of people will go up there =(.

According to this psychological us Form 4 had to take, I(and probably a lot of others) seriously need to see a counselor.

Lyn's birthday was on the 12th. Didn't post an online shout out to her. T-T Lyn was happy that day^^ and I hope you liked the gift me and wen got you.

Gerko Day was on the 16th. I see less and less purpose in gerko day.It mostly only serves commercial purposes and a time for societies to earn extra cash by doing business. On the matter of members, you might as well announce during assembly that you have an activity at so and so date and whoevers interested should come. Cause even if you have 200 names, how many will come? All clubs seem to want more members in the end(except Ed Board =/sighs..) I respect the effort all of you put into your stalls and it is really rewarding if you get a lot of names( I guess) but what if you fail? =S

Ed Board exam is next next Friday(after CNY). What if I fail...AGAIN..That little dream I've harboured since Form 1 would be crushed instantaneously. T_T PLEASE don't destroy my hopes.

I dunno about YE =S. Would it really be worth it? ( Buffet at Nikko Hotel!) And somehow I keep seeing little chance in me getting through it.

I'm worried about falling off the mountain(as lyn puts it)..tuition is like just a place for usme to chat with friends = =.Must focus!

I need to achieve something or I'll forever be wading in this deep deep pool, unable to join you all at the surface. And I'll only be drowning...drowning..

-Zhi Min-
Why am I always associated with failure?

Saturday, January 10, 2009


The first week of school has now gone by.

I still don't know what to expect of 4S2 but I guess things are looking up.

My AJK are all pretty good. =D Hui Li's working really hard to do her job too since it's her first time as part of a class committee (right?= =). Ye Shan knows what to do, e.g taking the key every morning and helping Hui Li out. Yee Ling and Shan En definitely efficient, leaving class everyday to get the books and photo-stated stuff up from the book shop(3 floors to climb arh!).

My teachers-( All opinions are for the moment)
Bm Teacher/Form teacher: She's new here so ..I dunno= = At the moment, I think she's ok , very hyped up.

English: Gah, she scared me that time when me and Lyn went to look for her at the staff room. I still wonder whether she has split personalities. Since her in the staff room and her in class are pretty different, one's cold and one's all expressive o.0.

Chinese: I suck at Chinese so I can't really tell but she's..pretty blur.

Mod Maths/Add Maths:He's pretty cool.Lol but he wants us to do so many unncessary and redudant things for our work.

Bio: ....No comment...Really...So and so

Chem: Eh...I think she's ok also, makes things interesting

Physics: I didn't fall asleep! Neither did everyone else. Maybe we were all trained well already since our other teachers all like to talk. We are now immuned.

Moral: Ok. She's actually pretty adept on the subject


PJK: Strict

Civics: Is there any interesting way to teach Civics? oh yeah, Pn Joyce..Haiz, A1..

Conclusion: All in all, I want my 3A1 back!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


It's been four days already since school started.

Class is still ok la... I came to a conclusion that most of my teachers like to talk= =.

I like my AJK =).

Will update more elaborately when have time.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Worst Nightmare Comes True

Well well well, I'm in 4S2...which doesn't seem so promising for now but who knows...*Prays very hard*

I want to go to S7..all of you who don't want it, I don't get you and I'll happily switch with you =D.

Anyway, schools gonna start soon and I'll have to face life as a Form 4 student, bear with schoolwork, co-curricular politics, relationships on the verge of destruction, harder and TRY not to procrastinate.

Prepare myself for the war for posts and high ranks. Set and get my goals. Not lose myself in my studies. Yeah, all that.

And, survive in 4S2! Sighs... I barely am close with anyone there...T-T Of all the science classes, I get thrown into this one. Ah well, it's not that bad. I hope I at least have good teachers. At the very least, a good English one. One who knows of Dublin and the Commonwealth Essay Contest. I want Ms. Sharmini back! T-T

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So long 2008, hello 2009

So, yeah, 2008 has come to an end and we have ushered in 2009.

I remember I have written an epitome of the year before so I shall try to make this short and add-on a few things that have occured since last time.

First off, it truly was a whirlwind of a year for me.What with, relationships wrecked, new comrades gained, new ambitions found(or old ones rekindled), yeap, this year was really chaotic.

Well, 3A1, we crashed on PMR day for some reason, but don't worry guys, we're still the best in school, the system is just unfair on us English prioritising Chinese. If well, English, or what other subject was marked with the same standards, there might not be that many happy faces on Tuesday. However, better to sacrifice the minority than the majority, I guess. Oh, don't get me wrong I am fully satisfied with my straight As= =, just that I still don't think it's fair on them. What about all that talk on improving our country's English talk? Will marking the paper with barely any strictness help? It's just an insult to "us"(you know who I mean by us). So all in all, a stupid exam that proves nothing what so ever. Only that, CHS exams pawn.And, of course I'm happy my friends who had no confidence whatsoever on English scored. =D Good job, guys. I'm sure you tried your best, no matter how they marked it.

Then, of course, I wrecked some relationships, distanced myself with a close friend and gained new alliances. I don't feel the need to elaborate here= =.

Hmm..during the hols, I made a stupid? and possibly life-changing experience,(it probably is, considering how busy I'll be =S. QG, sighs, I can't quit or many people will be utterly disappointed and with all the support I got(really surprised with this), can't let you all down now right? As for Eic, the dream is still there, and I'll continur pursuing it till the end.

What else? Oh yeah. I moved- -to a place that STILL doesn't have line(at old house now)

That's all I guess.

Happy New Year!

Get ready for the gales of 2009, and be prepared for wherever it takes us.

-Zhi Min-

Meeting the General

Aah..After possibly weeks of hoping, I finally get a chance to eat at Shogun (Sunway Pyramid Branch) and, I blew it= =.

Went there with my family and after sms-ing Seng Yew to ask where the restaurant was, he replied telling me to go to the 1 Utama branch= =(him being there at the moment as well I think).
So, found the place eventually, went in and wow, look at all the food. I really didn't know where to start. And then, I just loaded my plate with what my mum says as "heavy" dishes. Thus, I got full and sick pretty fast. Ended up not trying a lot of dishes T-T. Not even sushi.

My overloaded plate ><

After that, my mum,aunt and bros headed off to Jusco while me and dad went to MPH, finally got the contest entry form. =D Then, we went to Popular as well, got a new bottle and bought more books. Last, went to get Starbucks. =D

The contest poster in MPH. And I thought the winner for both categories would win a laptop and RM 5,000. Turns out that's for the adults, teen category is rm 2,000 and subnotebook,whatever that is.