Thursday, November 4, 2010

Through the veil

Surprisingly, graduation ended on a happy note this year. Instead I think we were all pretty excited o.0. Maybe we were more eager to go to our respective gatherings.X D Anyway, 5 years really has gone by so fast.

People have written on the pieces of paper I gave out about how much I've changed over the past few years, and I'm glad that I have to admit to it =). And of course, that comment came from some of the more close-knit friends I have. Some still see me as quiet and reserved though! Means more work still needs to be done.

I remember coming in to CHS in Form 1 and seeing the Le Yi and Pei Jia were in the same class as me. All the drama (literally! We practiced for our lisan and oral quite diligently last time) and naive moments all now seem like a distant memory that I occasionally visit and let slip a grin.

Fast-forward to the Zhi Min of today and you would probably see a different person, at least personality-wise. CHS has brought me up well =). From a lazy, unambitious unconfident slacker, I have grown into a lazy, ambitious, somewhat confident and arrogant slacker XD. I don't think the me of yesteryears would be this raring to go get herself involved in any special causes event or volunteer to do paperwork for teachers.

And of course, I couldn't have been here today without the support of all my friends. Whether you played a part in trying to make or break me, it all helped me to grow into the individual I am today =).

And to my friend, it doesn't matter whether we met 5 years earlier or just 5 months ago, I don't think time applies as a form of measurement for our friendship. =) Yes, a regret is not getting to know you sooner but I believe this is because Fate has much more in store for us in the future! ^^ And even if I do find a group of friends who are supposedly better suited to me, I will never forget you because you helped made me a better person that could be worthy of making those new friends. Thank you =)

I believe, I left high school without much regret on any other part. I could say I was fortunate enough to be one of the kind of students who got to experience and gain a lot from this school =). So whatever I did in these past 5 years, I would happily do again and do it even better.

Fate has more in store for us.I believe this would apply to every Form 5 student now, because we still have SPM!! See you on Nov 23rd or sooner!

We will meet again.