Sunday, February 26, 2012


Recently, Pei asked me to unprivatise my blog,as well as blog too since it has been a while, and the need to make this blog private is no more, since almost all my UCAS unis have replied,(bearing bad news though). But I'm not giving a more substantial update yet, nor making this public, until I get my reply.

For now, life is feeling very routine and empty. I need something more than the obligations I have in college. Missing the spontaneity and vibrancy life once had. And how my activities were more diverse than college matters. Decided to visit CHS on Friday with a few good friends/fellow guides. I was delayed slightly because of CALEB stuff and the line at Chatime, and the rain probably shortened the meet up but it was still good being back at the lodge. One always feels welcomed back at CHS. That day was a accumulation of simple but happy matters, like making lucky yet impressive shots at pool and hearing that your juniors wanted to meet you but had to rush to work.

After A2, I really need to return to the all the affiliations that mattered to me and to resume doing what I want to do.