Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year. Same goals. Old regrets.

It's about 16 days late to for a post to kick start the new year but up til now, my 2013 has consisted of trying fervently to watch as much anime as possible before I return to schooling, steeling myself to face the dungeons of Skyrim, a return to CHS for gerko day, a meetup with a friend and the first(today!) of the few more Wednesdays I have left with the kids at the ULC.

December started off with some blows, resulting in me succumbing to what fate has planned for me. And eventually, hopefully, coming to terms with that decision. The highlight was the family trip to Japan, fulfilling an otaku pilgrimage of sorts. Though, it was a pity we didn't get to visit Akihabara in the day. The area was not in the itinerary so our best shot was a quick trip at night, only to find that most of the shops had closed. Still, brother managed to acquire a Makise Kurisu(Steins;Gate) figure and I got a Zoro figure+ a Totoro plushie from the airport. Ah, the snacks in Japan expire so fast, so if I don't meet you soon enough, you probably won't get any of that for a souvenir.

Some selected shots, rest are in my album on Facebook:

There was this amazing toy shop in Ginza, only 4 floors( the size of each floor possible just the equivalent of 2/3 classrooms) but the kind of stuff they had there...

Studio Ghibli merchandise had a section to itself

So much detail but, look at the price :O 

 Latest Gen Pokemon

 Disney Castle

Mickey and Minnie. Designs limited to Tokyo Disneyland 

 The Universal Studios Globe

 Taken at a historical park near the Mt Fuji Area

One of the many shots I have of Mt Fuji

So, back to the new year. After 8 months, I'm finally going back to school. Gods know how much I miss that kind of lifestyle. Everyone's at the next phase of their lives, and I'll finally be going on to mine. Not that taking this break was a mistake, I just worry that my brain will rust and with so many years of medical school to come, I don't think I should my time of graduation any longer.