Saturday, July 26, 2008


After assembly, band had their full-dress rehearsal and performed for us...Then, for the first 2 periods after recess, our class didn't have lesson. We all(most of us) helped with the YE booth Deco. Jia Yee was walkiing around, checking on people--future MD in the making, cannot deny that XD... It was pretty nice, joking around the prototype booth and the whole doing something together(though it realy doesnt have anything to do with us)...

After school, stayed in class to have the 'Ed Board" meeting, sadly, most of the writers are the YE volunteers so it..didn't happen..Feel really bad bout you all who came up to find out it didn't happen..So sorry...T_T..So,if it's like that, could you all just write anything, as long as it's interesting and not too short for me? By next Friday? (Who will see this anyway)

So after that failure, just helped YE, though I already was before the 'meeting' started...Then, I decorated a glass jar...Didn't see it at the stall today(maybe it got sold already)..So, till 3.30p.m, heled out YE...

It's a Saturday yet...we had to go to school to replace for Hari Raya holiday...And it's Hong Ken's birthday~Saw him and wished him this morning, the whole class even signed 2 cards for him,girls and boys..He is a great guy after all...=)Since I didn't have anything to do in the morning, went up to class and hanged out with the 7 who will be going to Sunway for the sales..

Then, after assembly, they were still there so we sang Happy Birthday for HK..And then...they left..Nothing much happened in class after that.Then, Civic...When Pn .Joyce came out, she gave Valerie her stuff and said she wanted to make a "visit" meaning, go ronda the classes...So, we waited...When she came back, she was holding a plastic full of this boxes. What was that?

She explained she caught 3A2 celebrating Chocolate Day by accident! Oh no!..Guys...And the whole class will be punished...What's gonna happen to you? Your punishment would be double right? Sighs... Hope you're ok now..You won't reply my sms...I feel sort of guilty bout this since if I knew choco day was during the last period, I could have warned you guys,as Pn Joyce is my class' civic teacher...Hope your negotiating goes well...

Then, in the evening I went to sunway to support our school's YE..XD...Wow..all those stalls were really good, not to mention products..I bought a Ladybug and a Key Chain (product of another school)and then had New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream and other edible delights =)...Forgot to bring my cam>< couldn't take pic of the stall..

The LadyBug~

Key Chain by St John Boys

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min

Monday, July 14, 2008

2nd Exam Report

I have nothing to do here..So i'll just crap bout my exam results..My average improved class position fell...Sighs....I just found out if I was in A2, I did get no.2, maybe no.4 till 11(me) in my class would get no.2 in A2...

Results here:
BM-73(only one with no A><)
BC-78..(its an A~)
Science-89(one more mark to a 90...)

I always tell myself I would study regularly ,...but I never do...Sighs

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Came and Gone

And with that, the 12th of July came and left, I guess it wasn't as bad as I expected.

I kept getting wishes throughout the day, by mouth or by hand, by sms or by using the Net...

Let's see, I managed to pass 2 exams together ,thanks to you all who helped me...

And then, I went to that H&G concert with my reluctant bro,sat with GG friends...

The only thing was, you never wished me,though I expected it. At least, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would..

I wonder if you liked what I gave you, because if you did, you didn't really show it.

But, I guess I'm the same,as I never really looked touched when you 2 gave me your gifts.

LY,PJ, I really appreciated the effort and sincerity you 2 put into those gifts...Both really came from the heart(one literally,lol)...Thanks so much...PJ,maybe you'll get a DIY monkey for your birthday^^...

Thanks, MT and XY for the cards~Some people wanted to sign on them but pulled out in the end...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Debate Contest

Stayed back to see the debate contest held in my school. Out of us Form 3, me, Wai Leem, Nick, Yi Kun, Pei She and Rachel stayed to watch it.

Debaters are so cool~Being able to think of comebacks so fast and delivering them confidently... If only I could be like that....Sighs~ i wonder if I could be a debater....

Sadly, we lost ...LOST!...But it was really good...Ian's speech was really..entertaining...I still dunno how they judge these competitions....Guess i still don't get debate

X-Pride~/Shu Ling's Bday

Yesterday(2-7-08), we had fun during BI period ~Summarising...

4 groups: emo, anon, Nic, x-pride(go X-Pride XD)

game: cherades(act out idioms), spelling

Totally syok~3a1 went high~Best of all...X-pride won by 5 marks~

Shows that the under dog can win as Hong Ken and Nick were stolen to be leaders of other teams so we were short of people. But we won in the end~

X-Pride Peeps:
Kah Jo, Yao Ting, Vooi Keat, Wei Jian, Shan En, Yin Suan, Wai Leem ,Hong Jian(leader), Li Ching and me~

Shu Ling's Birthday

After school, headed to Dominoe's (me, Le Yi, Marissa, Vi-Vian, Alicia, Jun Lyn, Xin Ying and Shu Ling herself), bought a set consisting of 2 pizzas, cinna stix, chicken wings and a bottle of sprite. After eating, we all used the empty sprite bottle to play truth or dare. Hmmm..who started it? Me or Le Yi? And everyone had to say who they have a crush on and....

Conclusion: Fun Day~ I love Wednesdays