Saturday, September 26, 2009


These are the very very late photos of the CHS Alumni Dinner XD Couldn't upload them earlier because of the unstable connection..then exams...

A group photo with ex-students from year 199X while teachers sat in front. Notice an alumni with her old uniform on?

An ex-scout giving a go at their bamboo game

See that? Loyal BSMM member X)

Celebrating for the September babies

H& G band

The Brass Band. They performed Black and White, Smooth Criminal and Lemontree

People makan =D

The first(and hopefully not the last) time I'm in an Ed-Board shirt==

Run, Forrest , Run!

I just finished watching Forrest Gump. And yes, it was Awesome!

Now I know way people enjoyed it so much. =) And Forrest has that country accent that strangely reminds me of To Kill A Mocking Bird. And now I want to watch that too!

OK, I have to get back to Bio soon. And after this weekend, it's back to war. =.=

Gotta remember to seize every oppurtunity and make the best outta life =)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Debt Unpaid


Birthdays are coming up and I have not gotten gifts yet!! ><

And I still OWE people presents .Ish..

If only I wasn't this fussy about choosing gifts, oh yes, I am. I take detail into consideration.

Note to self: Please study for this week. You still have another week of holidays to goof off then.

And Selamat..Hari Raya ~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Headaches and fatigue

Ugh... only 2 days of exam and I feel like I've just returned to the homeland from a year away at war. So tired...more mentally than physically...

Sadly, the thrill of exams has not yet arrived. I only felt fear, these 2 days. Fear of screwing up and striking out ><.

What's more is that I have to go through the excruciating torture of the rest of the subjects after the one week break.

Ish, and my oral's not done yet =.=

Twin, did you still sit for the BC paper after Chem o.0?

Why did you bother coming to school in the first place? Is Chem that important to you?

Hm..Would I do the same for English?


But it must be really serious if I would be absent from school.


But I really want to test myself with the essay topic ><


And why did you kill me off in your essay? T-T Or at the least hospitalise me...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Someone call 999!

Hm hm..Do some recalling of what I did for the weekend.

Saturday was school as usual..Ish, I spent like 14 hours in school, with less than an hour at home in between ><

Morning, went to school for guide acitivity and the form 4s besides COH didn't show =.="

Little ones would be having Kelas Dua exams. Me and Worm Worm were supposedly in charge of tanda mengesan/ larian pengakap but due to some.......INTERFERENCE....well..stuff happens==

Don't bother about that then, went to help Form 2s with their fire lighting..There must be something in the air that day was pretty unsuccessful initially...

Hm..after that..saw little ones through flag raising exam.

*If you want your photos, come find me in MSN ;)"

Form 4s stayed back for meeting. Mind was on wander mode since it never works at the appropriate times ><

o.0 3.30pm already then. Fetched Marissa and Worm worm. Lol someone slept in the car. Missed a photo oppurtunity =(.

Went back to school for Alumni Dinner duty. o.0 The CHS spirit still strong with them even though they graduated like..20 years ago.

Photos *in no particular order*

Sunday, nothing much except Wen, Seng Yew came over though this time they brought Teng Yi along so that's one more to the list of people who visited my house=.="

And then, someone kept begging for ice-cream even though you already had your first serving. I told you to take yourself lo. Always treating me like a servant in my own home =.=" I know you will read this eventually so *sticks tongue out* =P

Spent the day in school yesterday rushing my folio when the lesson didnt seem necessary. =P Went out of class during the last period too but when I came back, teacher wasn't even there yet==.

o.0 Today is the 9th of the 9th month of the two thousand and 9th year lol=D

Lousy connection . can't upload photos >M<

Friday, September 4, 2009

If dreams could go forever..~

Today is a happy happy day =)

If only I had you for myself more ><. And ish, no pictures T-T

Though I've learnt that I actually can't be so comfortable with you in person o.0 This is not good.

When I told you about the dream, why you no reaction one =="?

Happy happy though I guess we really do need to interact person XD

Owh, I can't go home tomorrow. Guides till 2.30pm( or more) Than have to be at school by 5 already for Alumni Dinner >< And I don't have an Ed Board shirt T-T

o.0 I won't be seeing Wen for 2 days, or wait, 3! Haha, this might not be much but we usually see each other almost everyday ==. Satursday at school, Sundays at my place XD

Btw, I am so much more articulate online. Does that even make sense? And I'm so -what's the word-....indecisive? Not really the right word but whatever la.

Happy Happy , if only it lasted longer...

If only I wasn't like this just because it's you.