Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Restraining Order

Man, why do all these things keep happening? Right now, I'm in a state of indifference and fatigue that I won't rant, much.

I just think how sad it is that if we were to retaliate, it would be a losing battle anyway,as authority would always triumph over reason. What was done has made a mockery of me and my comrades, and of yourself as well so much that I see no reason to give you anymore respect than the plain courtesy I was brought up to have, as I'm not as rude as certain people.

I admit we have our faults, but don't speak as if you have none. I think hypocrisy would be a major one. Oh well,I'll just make sure my work gets done so I will only have minimal contact with you. Sheesh. Just remember in the end, that we're the clients.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Share The Experience

3 more papers for AS. =) However, the worst week has finally passed, with all the heavy Paper 2s done with!!

Something that I was looking forward to the whole week was collecting our class T-Shirts. Was pretty worried that I would end up going alone as even though I do know where Kelana Jaya, wasn't sure of the whereabouts of Kelana Square, which is where SaltySkins(our shirt printer!) is based. Fortunately, I ended up with four passengers! Two willing classmates(Adrian and Xin Yan) and another two classmates who randomly decided to follow after the paper(Sivesh and Kai Xiang). Nevertheless, Sivesh and Kai Xiang are from the area so they helped navigate. We didn't know which turning it was but as I remembered the map indicating it was opposite Giant, KX said to turn left at one junction that really was opposite Giant, we were still unsure and contemplated asking pedestrians. But lo and behold, up front was a building with block capitals of "Kelana Square" at the front, such luck!

Parking was another problem with all the spots having "reserved" signs, and visitors only allowed to park at the basement. We found a spot and I had to reverse park. Everyone,especially Sivesh was like, "Turn left, left! No, other left! Ok Back back. Ok stop!" Quoted Xin Yan: "Talking as if she doesn't know how to drive".

Next task was finding the Block. The building had 4 blocks. Saltyskins was at A block. We were initially at A block, but we didn't know. So we walked one whole round to come back to the same spot. Us demonstrating what is Displacement...

Finally there was a Harry Potter moment! We got up to the fifth floor,and looked for Unit 513. Surprisingly,Unit 512 was right in front. Then, some locked, seemingly unoccupied and unlabelled door. And after that it was 514 already. My classmates were "Doesn't this remind you of Platform 9 3/4? Maybe we should go run through the wall?" If Isaac from Saltyskins hadn't come out from the elevator, tell from our lost faces that we were customers and let us in to the seemingly unoccupied room,which was Unit 513, we might have contemplated charging the walls.

Thus,Class Tees finally acquired! Cash paid, business cards handed out, marvelled at the deco and shirts on display, and we left. Unfortunately, King wasn't around.He's the boss and his name really has a King in it haha.

So,distributed the shirts to those available, played Pool(poor form today) and had lunch! Shall use this day to recuperate.

So glad they turned out fine. Been corresponding with Isaac for a month to get all of it done. Shows how much patience I(and him) have.

Now to think of how to get the fabric paint!

P.S: The guys were all squashed up at the back and Adrian kept saying how it was getting "cozy".

P.P.S Realised I used a lot of exclamation marks !! =D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

Today would be the graduation of the CHS's Form 5 batch of 2011,my juniors. And yesterday(November 2nd) marked a year since I graduated from high school myself.

Being in CHS was truly a wonderful roller-coaster ride and probably the most pivotal 5-years of my young life. It got me on the path I am now and looking back,despite all the conflicts and controversies I got myself into, and how I would never be able to amend that, I'm glad for those years in this institution. Even though I have a liking for my old high school that leans toward some form of 'semangat assabiah" or ethnocentrism, it deserves every bit of respect and love I have for it. It really is an awesome place to have matured and gone through secondary education with.

Like how Yin Suan aptly said "Gosh,a year already?!"

Cheers to CHS,and Happy Retirement Pn Sim!=)
Would have embedded this video better but I don't know how.So click the link! A nostalgic graduation performance =)