Saturday, March 29, 2008

Result raid over...

All results are finally back...Let's see:

BC- 82
BM- 79
BI- 95 (Booyea! But still, Nick beat me..He did well this term..So i shouldn't complain)
Maths- 95 too XD
Science- 88 T_T No 90..
History- 73..T_T
KH- 73 T_T again

Overall, I would say ok...But i don't think I did that good...Puppy probably did better...Nick beat everyone in English..So am I second-best?? AWWW...WOW...Four 70++ Eventhough 75 and above is A now...It's still B in my book so that's 4 Bs..OMG! But 2 90++...sweet!!

On Thursday, Puppy called to ask whether I had a certain Chinese proverb book...Her call was really surprising since she just replied my sms before that... Got to hear her voice for a while...Happy..:)I didn't have it though but she found it in the end...

During tuition I told Sy bout it and he said not to help her. Payback for how she treated me he said...When I sms-ed, I sort of relayed what he said to her for fun.

The next day, I passed by her class on the way to the Science Lab(she sat next to the door), I think she saw me...But she didn't smile at me like she normally would...Just like a stone-faced look..T_T...Is she mad at me??

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min
Forgive me...whatever I did

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thinking Day Carnival and other stuff

After much back-breaking labor, our carnival finally commenced and ended on the 22nd of this March. The response we could say was...really poor...from our school I mean. It seems that everyone had 'better' things to do...Us poor guides had to go to school from the 20th to 22nd. And most of us even stayed overnight at school on Friday.

So everything had to be ready by 8 am...I got to my station at the reception counter. Shu Ling and Xin Ying were at the guest book counter..Their business was practically... zero...So they got us security people to round us up. The prefects were soon really free and few wrote on the guest book and Ray Aun wrote on the water droplets too.

Seng Yew and Dick Weng came too...Seng Yew spent like RM 30 there and won 120 points, exchanged it for 4 turns on the wheel of fortune. Soon, i could move around and went to check on the food and games stall. By some strange coincidence, I was ''in-charge' of the exhibition in the hall, so i had to go and take it down then put it into Miss Mag's car. While I was busy trying to get the pics into a box, there was an announcement looking for Miss Mag. Apparently an accident occured in the Haunted House.Don't really have details on that.

We packed up everything early and managed to clean up by 6.30pm. There was quite a lot of leftover food so we had to take them back.

Conclusion: Exhausted but I still had to attend the wedding yesterday...Slept at 2 am I think to finish my homework...

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Zhi Min
So many projects and folios to do...

Monday, March 17, 2008

First Day of 2nd Term

Had some exam results back today....All were quite satisfying except for Moral...Ugh..Moral...How can you give us a zero just because we didn't write the 'watak'...

The petitions were out today...Nice logo design by James...Not much response from my class...A2 seems better....Pn Lim found out about it! Hope none of the committee get caught...especially Chuny and Jayef...

I'll just post all the exam results in one go next time...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

About me blog...

Your Blogging Type is Unique and Avant Garde

You're a bit ... unusual. And so is your blog.

You're impulsive, and you'll often post the first thing that pops in your head.

Completely uncensored, you blog tends to shock... even though that's not your intent.

You tend to change your blog often, experimenting with new designs and content.

Vocab Test

Your Vocabulary Score: C-

Your vocabulary is average.

You're not exactly a literature major, but no one's going to accuse you of being illiterate!

Ya...I do need to brush up on my vocab...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Who Should I vote for?

According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Something SWT...

Just want to commemorate this occasion..
My MSN finally has 30 people online...swt leh..=.='

March 6 Thursday 8.46pm

End of the First Term Exam

I wanted to blog everyday about the exams but studying got in the way...So, I'll just write everything here.

3rd Day- BI and History
I studied History during the weekend but alas....I forgot like everything on Tuesday...What's the use of early preparation eh?
Anyway, BI first,it was okay the literature part was a bit unexpected but it wasn't impossible to accomplish.My essay seemed pretty lame compared to what I normally write.
Being chuan always...Sejarah...I don't results...mediocre - bad...I would say...

4th Day-Moral and Chinese

Chinese...I predict mediocre and lousy results...Sigh...
Moral...What is the school's vision and mission? Like we would know that....I bet A2 knew that since the teacher who prepared it teaches them...Now...why didn't any of my A2 friends tell me that? Hmmm....

5th Day(last day)-Maths and KH

KH was even worst than my Geo..I like practically didn't study till the night before the exam...I slept at 1 am..Then I set my alarm clock for 4.30. I did wake close the alarm and sleep again...So I was rushing to stuff facts into my brain...I think I did lousy..Heck...I have high expectations...Maths...I love doing Maths DURING EXAMS..I don't know why but just during exams...Normally I sigh at the thought of doing Maths..I guess it's more exciting during exams...That exhilarating feeling,rushing to finish in time..Yeah...Math's could be said as easy...It's weird..Peeps in my class seem to think of it as hard but my friends from the B and C classes said it was easy(the ones I talk to anyway)...Le Yi is worried she'll fail... No way she can...she must not...No way...

So now...Exam's are over...Yeah...Relaxing to do now..
No school for like a week...Can go on and chat 24/7...Muahaha...

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min
The next phase of fear is coming...

Monday, March 3, 2008

2nd Day of Student Analysis Program

Today is the second day of the CHS Student Analysis Program 2008. Students were assessed on their skills in Malay Linguistics as well as on their prowess in the field on geological studies. Many students broke down after having to face the dreaded BM essay and multiple choice questions. More casualties appeared after having to battle against Geological Phenomena and other stuff with maps.

Student TYS seemed to have the upperhand during Malay Linguistics but suffered badly at the end.

Student THK supposedly has managed to conquer all Geological Structures perfectly. Only the results shall tell.

Student SZM felt sleepy during Geo Assessment but that was no reason for her blunder.

End of Report.
Zhi Min
How ya like this style?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

1st Day of the War

As you all may know, it isn't really a war. It's the exam. Today we had our Science exam. Both papers. This is the day where I can finally see what my class is like during the exam. And it was...well....normal...i thought everyone would just study by themselves but no...It's like any normal class...with group discussions and lone wolves. So science 1 was okay...but I know I currently got 2 wrong...Puppy asked me one of the questions just after reccess...Looks like she got it wrong...Wonder if she'll let me tutor her...Yeah right...

For paper 2, some parts were really confusing...I think both those teachers who prepared the papers need their English checked...No offense...So this is basically what happened on the first day...Pn Wee wanted us to greet her when she came to relief our class..Then, when she was handing out the exam papers, she wanted us to say 'thank you'
Quote from Yin Suan:"Want us say thank you, but you don't say welcome"...
Maybe can see Puppy more now during the exams...

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min
Survived the first attack..barely