Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get Out There!

I realised one thing. I never blogged about my weekend down at Johor volunteering nor for my weekend at Raleigh's IW.

Well, IW has some secrecy policies so there isn't much I can disclosed about it. If you wanna know, come for it! There's one being held in May I think X).

And as for Johor, woah, that was a day spent pretty well. Even though it wasn't the kind of volunteering I expected (as they did say flood relief), it was soul-satisfying nonetheless =). Visiting three different kinds of homes in a day can be quite eye-opening. And it is pretty heart-breaking to see the conditions they live in, this especially goes for the old folks' home =( .

Hopefully if I go back down to Johor one day, I can locate and visit those places again. Then, maybe I can do more than just accompany them for a chat.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


My SPM results are very easy to memorise:

Everything except Chinese (10 of them) : A+

Chinese: A-


Truth be told, I hadn't expected that kind of result at all o.0. And I am still wondering as to how some things turned out the way they should be.

But yesterday was still a good day. Met old friends in CHS. The place hasn't changed much at all. Still the same cars parked in the same spots, same classrooms, same atmosphere. I miss the place =( . And despite the main reason coming back yesterday(Results), I really wanted to meet everyone again. College has been well and all, but it sure felt well to see so many CHS-ians gathered together again.

And I really am thankful to all teacher, friends and family for this. =) Our class is awesome! Top-scorers of the year. Celebrations are in order!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oreo Ice-Cream

My friends from the have been commenting on how inactive this blog has become. Now we can't let that happen,can we? So ok, I am going to rant. Or vent or just ponder...

College hasn't been too awesome, it hasn't been too lousy either. I think I'm just being upset over all the wrong reasons, or at least the slightly less significant issues. Though they do mean a stab in my ego, a very very deep one o.0

First, I have a feeling that some inner forces are at work here to try (and succeed) in shunning me from ECA activities. Well, maybe not shun completely but my luck in trying to run for posts is at zero. So, the ECA bodies must be conspiring to prevent me for infiltrating their system too deeply. And somehow, this applies for my class too. At least, from what I have heard, not all results are known yet =/ Yes, this is one of the main reasons for my dissatisfaction. Seems shallow but this will bring up my inferiority complex again =0 A year in Form 5 where you were deemed "amazing' does this to you. Grr... This must be godsend that I go lend my interests elsewhere. Pfft...

And stepping out of CHS reveals to you how little you still are. Even academically I am average and that's just in my class. What about when compared to all of the PMs in TCSJ =o!

I wonder if I'm genuinely worried about this because of how it may affect university offers next time, or that I'm just arrogant.

If the first 5 months were like the 5 years in high school........hopefully April and May be more hopeful.

Edit: College still rocks cause of the class. Awesome people =) And CALEB makes things look hopeful too ^^

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yesterday I sponsored a child =D. That was the main reason I dropped by Sunway Pyramid. Though I watched The King's Speech too. XD That's one Oscar 2010 movie down.

Anyway, since I've already recollected my experience at the World Vision booth in two other blogs, what more it's the same post. I shall just link it here =)

Support World Vision! Sponsor a child today!