Monday, April 28, 2008

Tired..still busy

Got back from camp just now...Tired..Yet still got a lot of work to do:
1) Maths
2) Geo Project
3) History Project
4) Print civics stuff
5) Correct and print contest poem
6) Art

...What else?? *Gazes at pile of homework* * Sighs*

P.S Still have to write worm's poem...

Things learned from camp :
1) No Le Yi= No fun for me
2) I think I'd better be a lone wolf like Nick too..But then 2 lone wolfs would be a pack?
3) Put high tech security system on all belongings
4) Camps can actually end on time!

I didn't take Pekhemah ...rephrase-I couldn't take pekhemah...not like that really matters...I know my priorities and GG ain't on the top...

BSMM didn't win the Marching Contest,Police Cadets did...At least they were still in the top 3...Prefects aiming for 3 next year(read from someone's blog)...Possible? Don't know...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Been busy this week and I will be staying back everyday to prepare for the camp on Friday so no update till now.

Worried about my Camper Exam. Why I did I take it again? Hmm... Wonder I could have an "accident" tomorrow...Maybe I could go and stand in the middle of the road after school..= =...

Sport's Day marching rehearsal started this week too...So skipping school for at least 5 periods...Sighs..Why can't teachers be more considerate and stop teaching?

Yesterday I sort of tortured worm...I don't know how she really felt as it was in MSN and you can't really know how someone is through a monitor screen...Maybe I was feeling frustrated and decided to vent it out on her...But she seems maybe she doesn't care..T_T...Everyone seems frustrated these days...

Wonder what happened to puppy too...She gave me some weird looks two times...Passed by her class-Looked at her(seated next to the door)-She sees me and looks back...
Something during KH lesson in the bengkel...(more like outside the bengkel)...PJ says she's thinking something bout me when she does that...

Camp ah...It would have been better if I didn't take that exam...Why did I stupidly take it...It's all your fault worm...!!!

Brought to you by,
Zhi Min
Everyone's just waiting to see me fail,no,they know I will fail...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today it rained heavily...

And I feel like an idiot for not using my umbrella now...Argh!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Three days worth of posts

Um...I shall post this entry with events that happened on the following three days:
10th, 11th, and 12th of April.

Hmm..Me, SL, Worm, MT and VV stayed back today to practice for our pekhemah exam which consists of setting up tents, screen, building gadgets and backwoodsman cooking.
Sadly, it rained and we didn't have the key to access the tents. So, first, HY explained what we had to do for the dapur since she will be using it(me and SL have to build it,the other three have another one). Then we went to the Guide room and worm showed us how to make the screen. Then, mostly like that. We planned to come again tomorrow.Saw puppy after school when we were heading for the staffroom. Apparently, she was staying to discuss the Chinese presentation thing. Just exchanged greetings is all.

11th(Friday) should have guessed by now that it rained as well. It did end but we didn't have the key. So me and SL just discussed how to make the dapur...I should have gone back at 4 but since we had nothing else to do, I followed SY and the others back at 3...XD

P.S.This day the prefects went for camp untill the 13th so hope Puppy had fun since it ended by now.

Hm..Today us guides had our modern cooking contest. Don't feel like writing bout it here. See our guide blog(though I haven't update yet) Wait for it.

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Zhi Min

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today I'm pretty happy...First, I bought that Chinese magazine I wanted(not the main point here)

More importantly, I had quite a decent talk with puppy! Yay!

During recess, I went to check her class but she wasn't there( I wanted to let her read something), so I kept that essay and went to do my duty. Then after duty, I saw her coming out of class so went to talk to her awhile. Said I wanted to show her something but she had duty so she said later.

Then after recess, I passed by and saw that she was already in class so I took the essay out and gave it to her. So, we talked awhile. She's gonna return it tomorrow so I can talk to her again then. Oh, found out she read the story at Jingcao but why no reaction ? No special reaction that is...considering what the story is about..Ask her tomorrow...

After school saw her again, but so as to not bother her so much, I didn't ran up to her again. Plus, Piper was ther too so walked with her. ;)..Today is a lucky day.

Other stuff that happened: Alicia made an announcement about jingcao which was so funny. Not the announcement..well..that too and how she said it..Like what MT said, she wasn't being herself there.

Then, our class got locked out for a period again.This time Geo, but there was still time for teacher to explain about our project a bit.

That's all I think.

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Zhi Min
Serenade in bliss

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sivics Presentation

I've got to hand it to the my classmates of 3A1, they are dedicated people.

When you hear Civics Project, most of us would probably just take some papers and throw it together to form a project. But, as Pn Joyce wanted us to "not lie" when doing our project we all had to do presentations.

Before I write about today's presentation, let me recall some of the previous and more memorable presentation(my group not included):

1) First group :
Xin Yi, Rachael, Hoong Kiat , Jia Shen and Yi Kun.
They did a presentation on Malays. So they were diligent enough to bring along Pn Lim's baju kebaya, buy some Malay kuih from the canteen, make a tiny grave and borrow congkaks and tops from the PBM. So...full marks...yeah.

2) Next:
Sonia. Amy, Valerie, Duncan and Vooi Keat
What they did was set up a stall st the foyer for three days and sold kuih(Malay , Chinese and Indian). There was even this cute little wooden windmill thing that Sonia's uncle made. What they sold: Roti canai, cucur undang, tang yuan, umm...etc.

Shan En, Yin Suan, Wai Leem , Zi Xin and Hong Jian
They too set up a stall at the foyer for three days,next to Sonia's group. They had a tiny exhibition where they made a little rumah panjang. It was quite detailed, even the inside was "furnished". They could kill three birds with one stone. Cuz, they presented about Iban people for the Malay Oral Assessment and used the long house as their Art Homework.

Tian Yoon, Hong Ken, Nick, Hann Hsiang and Grace
They did a documentation on Melanau People where they sort of act out life in a Malanau village with the death ceremony included. They even made this raw fish dish whih was quite nice and some Melanau kuih.

Now for today's presentation:
Members: Jia Yee, Ying Ying, Weng Ming, Jonathan, Jin Yun and Ray Aun..
First, they all dressed up in twin outfits for the 3 prime races of Malaysia.
Weng Ming and Ying Ying as Malays, Jonathan and Jia Yee as Indians and Ray and Jin Yun as Chinese. So they all presented on the customs on their "race", the Chinese pair even brought some props, like Calligraphy tools, chopsticks, a painting etc.
There was food too:Muruku and Kuih Talam(passed around the class for us). Ying Ying brought a camera so there might be pictures coming up...MIGHT...

So there you have it...3A1 is a pretty eventful class after all.
To all of you not in the class, envy us...Muahaha...

P.S Saw puppy after school but didn't run up to talk to her. Even if I was like almost beside her...I broke the no sms chain today...No reply anyway..just couldn't resist..=.=...

From left: Ray Aun, Jin Yun, Jonathan, Pn Joyce, Jia Yee, Weng Ming and Ying Ying

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Zhi Min

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pre-Modern- Cooking Contest

Haven't updated here since the carnival so...

Next Saturday(if there's no school), we're gonna have a modern cooking contest, which is inter-patrol btw. Each patrol has to prepare a three course meal. So, today we all had our discussion on what to cook. My patrol will make....Should this be P&C till the contest starts? Ok..Hint: Western food...XD

Then, we had marching practice again after we just had it yesterday...Complaining? No..when did I say I was complaining? Today wasn't so eventful...Hehe...

(Just copied post above from my Guide blog):p

Just gonna continue and add stuff that isn't really related to guides. Today, our school held a debate contest so we saw students from schools arrive. The prefects had a pretty short marching session and it ended before our activity so I didn't get to meet puppy T.T...The LAS held a telematch too from what I saw.

After the activity, JL rushed up and told me that must tell HJ that she had to leave in a hurry but it wasn't necessary in the end:

Me: HJ, JL said she had to leave in hurry.
HJ: Oh..ok then go la...


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Zhi Min