Tuesday, September 30, 2008

12 days..

Ugh! I can't believe I'm still as complacent as ever..PMR still hasn't gotten to me hasn't it?
And I know I'll regret slacking off soon... Focus!

I hate this about me ><

Class shirt ah shirt...Decide on a color already..I talked to the shirt guy halfway and he said he was busy..Apparently he was at Pantai Hospital...*rolls eyes..He said he would call me back..and he didn't! Now, I don't wanna bother bout him first..Our design ain't confirmed yet!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pei's words of wisdom =)

One thing worse than being there for someone who doesn't return your feelings is not being able to be there at all- Pei


I just want to preserve this phrase properly...

Class Tee V.2

Here is Version 2 of our class tee...Classmates who see this, let me know whatcha think and inform others maybe? White parts are dark red...same color as the collar...Black parts are black, gold parts gold=.= Oh the bird is gone because I couldn't make it look not out of place..

And...someone inform me of a cheap and efficient shirt printer we could go too..T.T

I know people still won't be content with it..

I wouldn't mind if we argue about the shirt design for months actually...


we don't have much time left... SO get to a conclusion quick!


I wonder why you all think so highly of me?

Especially you, Seng Yew =.=

When I told you I got 14, you were like

SY:" 没有读书啦..."


SY: 我觉得如果你读书的话, 没有人会胜过你..

Me: 0.0

OK...I did study with my usual method of cramming and doing overnighters, which is a failed strategy, I just ended up blur the next day..><...So, I'm not that amazing after all. Or maybe I am(to those who think I am) but I can't see it myself...

Why did I use that "P" word( the post title) in myspace blog..now HW is using it to annoy me... By using that term when referring to me sometimes...In a sarcastic manner of course...

Sighs...I failed to put my all in the trials...Science was so screwed, My 90++ in English is lost and my History dropped back to 70++...

Well, can't lose focus in "the big one"... Prodigies always lose to hardwork... Life must be fair after all...

I need to finish the shirt design...Shan en sms-ed me another printer yesterday morning..So I have like 2/3 options to choose from now...Hah...

Friday, September 26, 2008

A T-shirt is real troublesome

And I thought the day I get disappointed with my class wouldn't come..

Well, I was disappointed with them before, I mean after my love for the class grew stronger did I always feel at home in the class. And then, with just that piece of paper, it all went away. It was about the class shirt...

The design was passed around and my classmates wrote their opinions on it. I got more feedback than expected. And apparently, we can't come to an agreement on anything. Everything seems to go against someone. I know I said I accepted constructive criticism but at least say what you want instead of just flamming it. 2 of you even said that you wouldn't wear it on the street..T_T...

o.0 I guess I wasn't as pissed off as I was just now in school since I don't know what to complain about anymore. I will make some changes..maybe. Then, I'll print one for myself and as a sample first...

Nick, I think there was nothing wrong with your motto. Wouldn't it be just a waste if we don't use it?

Sighs..back to the drawing board..

**Hmm..I tried to live up to all your demands, guys...I actually intended on a darker red...Like wine red...Then, I changed that insanity wording...Might make the bird bigger and don't make it look so out of place...I won't change the "mess with the best" motto..but the "die" is now replaced with "go down", since it doesn't necessarily have to do with inflicting physical harm.

That's all I guess..Might go and print in on Sunday or during the hols la..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Orange Nike Bottle, 4 books and a pen

Today we have another birthday - Seng Yew's one!

I waited till 12 to sms him. and he was really happy. I guess because DW actually stole his mother's phone to sms him. And, I'm was only the third(and the last one) to sms him. DW first, then Ley Kuan then me. >.< And then, we sms-ed about some crap till he went to bed.

Then , in the morning, he got his 4 books from me. No surprise for him there. Since he actually saw me at the book store when I was buying his gift. =.=..So..aiyah...

And Pei wouldn't tell me what she, Jes Cee and Khang Yee got him. I only knew during recess when I went to Seng Yew's desk and asked Shu Fen there. Apparently it was the Nike Bottle on his desk. Approx. Rm 40 and split between the 3 of them.

But his birthday wasn't as grand as Pei's,where a cake was involved 0.o. And not the whole class know, well, I think the same goes for Pei's birthday? Not sure.

Lol, my puppy wished him , after school ended, lol.

According to Ley Kuan , puppy asked her(when it was near the end of school)

Puppy: Today Seng Yew's birthday ar?

Ley Kuan : Yeah

So Puppy wished Seng Yew, he laughed and said thanks.= =

I did sms puppy(at midnight) to tell her to wish him..but i don't think she read it in time now could she? Unless she switches her phone on early in ther morning...

And, A2 got their class shirt! Frak! Ours isn't even in production yet.

Even worse, Jo Fan said their supplier took 1 and 1/2 months to print it. What are we gonna do, A1?

Speaking of birthdays , why is mine on a Sunday next year? Arh..

-Zhi Min-

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Purple Elephants bearing gifts...

This week is looking out to be one of those more exciting weeks with a talk of career planning yesterday and Pei She's birthday!plus a BM talk today. Next on the line up, tomorrow JC will be giving out their contest prizes( how long overdued..= =) and SY's birthday is on Thursday...Too bad he already knows what I'm getting him...

My poor elephant..Its little party hat came off...Thanks to someone...Who thought by gripping the hat, it could sustain the weight of the whole figurine..=(...So poor Elephant's hat came off....

I didn't get a pic of me and my gift...Sob...Sob..I missed recess too because my class, being my class, stayed back after the talk to ask questions and I listened on with them...=.=..

Oh! Another thing about today....A hamster came to visit us! Someone, I think YT,brought his hamster to school today and it was so cute...Only 2 months old and already so big and chubby ^^

Happy Birthday Shoutouts to:
Pei She!
Yao Ting!
Happy Fabulous Fifteen!

-Zhi Min-

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My pupil got an 81 for English!
My pupil got an 81 for English!
My pupil got an 81 for English!
My pupil got an 81 for English!
My pupil got an 81 for English!
My pupil got an 81 for English!
My pupil got an 81 for English!
My pupil got an 81 for English!

Yeap! My lil pupil(well, she's actually the same age as me) got an 81 for English.. So happy for her since it really is a big improvement. And though I played no part that I know of in helping her achieve this, I'm still gonna be high for her. Yeah, 晓靖!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another day, another worry

Uh..today is the last day for us Form 3s before our study leave starts..which is quite late since other ppl started theirs long ago. Boring day..Patrol corner first..and wadda ya know, I became the Patrol secretary..= =..

Then, this discussion about how to build our 3 gadgets for that competition. The better ones will be used by the Permit Campers(worm...) and the rest by the fun camp people. Well, no offense but I drifted off into my own wild creations halfway throughout the discussion. My apologies to Jia Jue but if it's all the same conventional gadgets..Snores...Our generation lacks...visionaries...Only 2 people I see are close to that trait: Jo Fan and Chun Yeen, my 2 SC "founders".

But my day-dreaming was not all that pointless..I thought of a revolving larder 0.0= =... Now, I just gotta think how to make it revolve. Another more easier one would be to install wheels onto the bag rack. Well, where are we gonna get wheels? Since bag racks are always unstable, maybe putting wheels would help..wheels with patterns on them to increase frictional force.= = And then you can move it above on smooth land.

Yawn...to go or not to go, that is the question...And now the date's changed as well..it starts on Halloween.

Pei~...Organise the party!!.. Then, I won't feel so quilty with myself for not going to camp and it would be a .."good"...excuse too..= =

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fruit Tarts!

Hahaha... Us girls of 3A1 went to the Bilik Masakan during KH yesterday to make fruit tarts. Yes, 3A1, which is a PK class, meaning we're not supposed to cook stuff as our syllabus consists of only accounts and business...= =Thanks to Pn Yap..we get to have some fun... Good thing I didn't risk bringing a camera as I wouldn't have time to take any pics anyway.... Woah...We worked till school ended( KH was the last 3 periods)...Making tarts consumes quite a lot of time..

Here are those I managed to smuggle home, I don't think these are the ones I decorated though... Fruits: Mango, Strawberries, Grapes and Kiwis...There's custard underneath the fruit as well...And some type of clear jelly/gluey substance was used to hold the fruit together...

All four here..Those are mango strips btw

Close up XD

I know you want one, Pei =p...= =

Ah..today...Chinese and English papers didn't come back like I dreaded..We should just get those over with..Sadly, teachers can procrastinate too... But, I got my Malay Essay Paper back..Actually I got it back on Tuesday but I asked teacher about my sastera and she took it away...So I got it back again today and..she added 4 marks for me 0.0...(my sastera got 4 marks at first) Walao!..Gracias Teacher XD So I know got 81 for my essay paper...Probably the highest in my life? ( Yet, I doubt the effort teacher puts into marking our papers...Shrugs) People around me are down about Malay(though I have no idea why or my class was special) and threatened to hit me if I continue about that subject. >< Fine...

Oh! I got that 80! Hah

P.S Happy Birthday, Ray Aun ! Were you surprised when Jia Yee and co. came to visit? XD

-Zhi Min-

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tagged by Shawn..again = =

Looks like I got tagged by Shawn again..And since I have nothing else to do...><


The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his / her perfect lover. Have to mention the gender of his / her perfect lover. Tag 8 other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Gender of Perfect Lover:
A Guy

8 Different Points About Perfect Lover:
Loves and Cares and about me of course
Very giving
erm...sensitive yet strong as well
Taller or at least same height like me..if that's possible
Likes to read and have fun
Can goof around
Cheers me up ^^ since I emo a lot

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My science paper is jinxed...It must be!

Today is yet another bad day...from the aspect of results...

First, I'll probably lose 2 marks for nothing because of a report format..Considering my paper 1 marks, 2 marks are very precious..T_T..But a majority of our class didn't put the title..or the "prepared by..." and why is that....teacher? Why can't it be an informal report huh?

Then,KH was satisfying but not good enough compared to so many people...Sighs...and not as good as I expected..........

Now, Science...actually science was before KH..but I want to rant out my frustration on this and blow off some steam...

Well, science was one word...disappointing...Disappointingly disappointing... It's probably the lowest I ever got in my CHS life...><...Stupid marking system...I lost 3 marks for nothing, one because I didn't write the alphabet of that cell section...You asked us to name it didn't you, so why do you still need the alphabet?

2 marks lost because I saw the alphabets wrongly..J and K mixed up so answers filled into the wrong space! Grrrr.......What idiotic mistake is this?! I really should sleep early next time during exams...or I'll become blur and screw again...

I don't get this marking system. If it's the same meaning and relevant who cares if it's not that specific keyword? The examiner? Who's the student here? Who's the one that's supposed to learn? What is science about? Science is about understanding...not memorising...How can a subject that needs so much understanding, thinking, brainstorming and passion as well, get demoted to a meagre subject that relays on memorising to score? Isn't that sad?

So what if I put "gives out heat faster than.." instead of the desired "radiates", what's the difference? That I have a scientific mind and can use all the scientific phrases? Actually it doesn't mean that now doesn't it? What does it mean then? Does that matter? I understand the concept? Not enough? I have to have perfect keywords as well? Hmph! ><

I know I'm right so there...Who cares about your marking system?

Still, it would be better if I could get that 80...

I was not in top form during trials..everything was screwed...every subject lost to others who worked hard...I guess hard work beats brains period... But I don't like hardwork..And you could do SO much more instead of studying like sleeping and reading novels...

I'm gonna need anti-depressants soon..but talking to Pei helped calmed me down =D...

Please let me stay with my 3A1 pals despite my lousy marks...This is my biggest worry and losing in the class rankings of course...= =

-Zhi Min-
Screw the system...

Friday, September 5, 2008

GG Installation 2008

A morbid atmosphere, filled with that air of sorrow as we see another generation off.... The tears mixed with joy as old happier times were reminisce...The tense, nervous gestures as reluctant farewells were exchanged... A new sense of responsibility felt on one's shoulder's... If that's what installation's are like...well...then you won't find all the above in this one...Or maybe you might, but I really had no mood to fully indulge myself in this...as...exams just finished and now you want me feeling my head with all these stupid troublesome worries again...(Nothing to fear, I always worry) Damn results..damn disappointing results....Especially BI...

I screwed English bad...real bad...Just like Nick said, guess you have to make yourselves stupid to get high marks for an English(Paper 1) exam, that way you would just follow the instructions..Nick did that and he only got X questions wrong...><... Why why why do these "terbaik dalam..." awards exist? What do they prove? Tell me what they prove!... But competitive me...wants to get that..as this year there is a chance...But no..That dream is tarnished once again...But if Nick got it, it would be good...He does deserve it after all...=)

Anyway, back to the installation..so they was the usual agenda of speeches, handing of duties( which mostly consisted of exchanging of handshakes..what? you guys all have the hidden power of authority residing in your hands or something...= =....) , giving of gifts to seniors..which caused quite a commotion...and confusion..while I don't see what the big deal is..but when does my say ever count?... Was it really that bad? Protocol..protocol..and protocol... Does doing things all accordingly make it a success? If you didn't get the flagpole done early, if you didn't arrive punctually( how can we???!! It says it starts at 12.30p.m and school ends at 12,35p.m so you expect us to travel backwards in time eh???), if more than one form gives a present, it's a failure? What is this? An installation..To send off the old and welcome the new onto the mantle... So long as it's a tear jerking moment where we all start feeling reluctant to let the moment go yada yada...(which it wasn't...from where I can see) But anyway, it was a success nontheless, whatever the mishaps that happened...No guides were harmed in the process, no natural disasters hit while we were doing it and no terrorists attacked..so what was so bad? = =...My seat was so...dangerous...I couldn't speak my mind, restricted to patronizing whatever they said in my head..;).. And now, more ridiculous thoughts start piling into my head again...That's a trait I hate about me...Being so worrisome... Hui Wen, ><....You did not beat me! That paper proved nothing! Nothing!

Ah..a spot check today...Same 2 people..though their jobs were the other way around now...= =...Plus, no electricity!...I guess Pei was lucky she didn't come...

That is all....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

PMR Trials

PMR Trials are over!!!!!!!

Time to sleep..zzzZZZzzz

Then, have to face the dreaded results tomorrow... Pay back for all the screw-ups done... Sighs